Head-On Collision Sends Four to Hospital

A head-on collision Wednesday evening at the intersection of 260 North and Dixie Drive sent four people to Dixie Regional Medical Center.

Lieutenant Giles with the St. George Police Department told SUN News that a small pickup truck was traveling northbound when the driver for unknown reasons crossed the center line and struck a mini van.

The mini van was waiting to merge into the southbound lanes of Dixie Drive when it was struck, deploying the airbags. Three ambulances from Dixie Ambulance Services responded and transported three adults and one child to the hospital with unknown injuries.

The accident is under investigation and Giles stated that it appears that safety restraints were in use in both vehicles which greatly helped decrease the seriousness of the injuries. Lieutenant Giles reminds drivers to wear seatbelts because seatbelts save lives.

National Security Heightens on 9/11 Anniversary

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, people feel the day weigh heavily around them.

Friends and families of the victims come together in support of one another, many of whom have been doing so since the first anniversary of the  attacks. But as September the eleventh arrives, security on a national level is on the rise.

Airports, post offices, and transit stations are just a few of the places people will notice a change. Security forces are on the lookout and and have prepared for all modes of attack. And while it will be a tough time at the airports, everyone knows it will be a harder time in America’s hearts.

Government Officials Hit the “Hold” Button on AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

The $39 billion merging proposal between No. 2 wireless carrier AT&T and No. 4 carrier T-Mobile has been blocked after The Justice Department deemed it costly for consumers.

Government officials argue the proposal would greatly reduce competition and increase cost for consumers. Something CEO of No. 3 carrier Sprint, Dan Hesse agrees with, saying during a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, “Competition will be stifled, growth will be stifled, and wireless innovation will be jeopardized.” He went on to say, “We just can’t let that happen.”

Not everyone is against this proposal. Large organizations such as AFL-CIO and the NAACP expressed their support for the merge with politicians getting in on the action. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said that the proposed merger could greatly benefit consumers by helping to spur innovation, as well as create new jobs. At this time 26 governors, 92 mayors, and 11 state attorneys general had also announced their support for the deal.

AT&T now has the opportunity to dispute the block. If the merge ultimately fails, T-Mobile will walk away with three billion dollars in cash, which is the sum AT&T pledged to pay if regulators reject the transaction. Then there are reduced charges T-Mobile USA would get for calls that get tunneled through the AT&T network. Finally, Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier, the fourth largest in the U.S., would also receive the luxury of AT&T’s wireless spectrum in some regions, resulting in better coverage for users on the T-Mobile network.


Hiker Found Dead in National Park

Extreme heat may be the cause of death for one Grand Canyon hiker.  Officials say Sunday that a report of a hiker was possibly in distress on the Tanner Trail. 

Mid-morning on August 28, a ranger at the Mather Campground on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park received the report.

Determining that the hiker’s car was still parked at the trailhead, rangers called for the park’s helicopter to fly the Tanner Trail in an effort to quickly locate the distressed hiker. 

The reporting party, a pair of backpackers, told the ranger they ran into a hiker on the Tanner Trail on Friday, August 26, who appeared to be exhausted and had abandoned his pack further down the trail. The pair, who were also feeling heat-stressed, provided the hiker with additional water and told him they didn’t think he could make it out. They urged him to go with them down to the river, but they say he refused, saying he wanted to continue up the trail. On their way to the river, the pair passed the man’s abandoned pack.  On Saturday as the pair began their return journey, they again passed the abandoned pack, took note of the permit information, and looked for the distressed hiker as they continued to their next campsite. They were carrying an extra gallon of water in case they ran into him again.  On Sunday, they finished their backpacking trip without again seeing the distressed hiker. Concerned for his welfare, the pair reported their encounter with the hiker as soon as they returned to the rim. 

Sunday morning, the helicopter crew reported spotted a body in a wash just above Tanner Beach. Rangers on-scene confirmed that the body matched the description of the hiker that the backpackers encountered on Friday.  The body was prepared for transport then flown to the South Rim by helicopter and transferred to the Coconino County Medical Examiner. The man’s name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

The Tanner is a rugged, exposed trail, and high temperatures on Wednesday through Sunday ranged from 103 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit at the Colorado River.  The National Park Service, with the assistance of the Coconino County Medical Examiner, is conducting an investigation into the incident. This is the 13th death of the year in the park, but that includes fatalities among residents, auto accidents, visitor illnesses, and more. The park averages 14-15 deaths annually, she said, and gets more than 4 million visitors.

Study Shows Greater Flexibility for Different Languages For Bilingual Babies

Some studies have shown that the ability for children to learn a second language starts fading as early as their first years.

However, according to a recent study, the brains of babies raised in a bilingual home show longer periods of flexibility to learn different languages than other children.

Researchers from this study measure the brain activity throughout a child’s first years of life and relate it to the language exposure and speaking ability. This study shows babies who have only been exposed to one language start losing the ability to distinguish sounds from a foreign language at eight- to 10 months old, while babies who have been constantly exposed to more than one language start losing this ability between 10 and 12 months old.

Early exposure to more than one language is vital in these cases. For example, if bilingual children are more exposed to English at home, including relatives and friends, these children will subsequently produce more words in English. The same pattern goes for other languages. The researchers say the best way for a child to learn more than one language is through social interactions and constant exposure to the language.

A great number of Utah households are bilingual due to immigration, people who have returned from serving LDS missions in different countries, among others, and some of these families decide to only speak the foreign language at home. However, language instructors say using the “one parent, one language” system works better, but parents need to be very consistent as they use it.

Warren Jeffs Sedated, Not in Coma

Rumors ran wild Tuesday that former polygamist leader Warren Jeffs slipped into a coma while serving time in a Texas prison. But Michelle Lyons, spokesperson for the Texas prison system, is reassuring the public that he has simply been sedated at a nearby hospital for health problems.

The infirmities are reportedly unrelated to his fasting period, which began at the same time he was convicted of multiple sex offenses against minors. With officials ordered not to go into detail on the matter, the specific problems are still unknown. However, as of press time, his condition is listed as critical but stable.

It is currently undecided which facility Jeffs will enter upon his release from the hospital.

31 Fires Scorch Southern Utah

Lightning, dry conditions, and wind are playing a major part in what fire officials are stating as “nearly three dozen fires around southern Utah.”

Sunday’s lightning storms throughout the state played a major role in starting the fires that have plagued southern Utah. Public Affairs Officer Rachel Tueller told SUN News, “A large majority of the fires were very small and in remote areas.”

Not every fire has been a small one though, “The Plateau Fire, about 10 miles south of Bloomington, has already burned 4,400 acres,” she said.

With red flag warnings still in effect throughout the state, Tueller says everyone still needs to be cautious.

For a full list of fires and how to report new fires, BLM officials have all that information and more posted on their website.



The Good and the Bad of Region 9: Week Two

Week 2 of high school football in Region 9 saw better results…for most schools. 

Five of the region’s seven teams finished Friday night by adding a W to their record. However, for Snow Canyon High School and Cedar High School, this was not the case. 

This week we will start with the good news:

Hurricane Tigers (2-0):

Hurricane 48, West Jordan 36

The Good News: The 3A state runner-up Hurricane Tigers are once again proving that they’re a perennial power house in southern Utah. If beating up on 5A West Jordan isn’t enough to make that claim, how about the fact that they beat up the Jaguars without their starting quarterback Taylor Parker? Parker was out due to a shoulder injury suffered in the Tigers’ season opener against Skyline. 

Defense is the name of the game for the Tigers. They forced four fumbles and picked off three passes against the Jaguars on Friday night. Despite Parker’s absence, Hurricane was still effective on the offensive side of the ball, led by running back Brian Scott, who carried the ball 24 times for 182 yards and four touchdowns. 

Hurricane looks to keep their perfect 2-0 record alive next week as they host 3A Tooele. 

Dixie Flyers (2-0):

Dixie 59, River Valley, Ariz. 7

The Good News: In their two games so far, the Dixie Flyers have outscored their opponents 100-42. Blake Barney has been on an absolute tear through their first two games. On the season Barney has completed 32 of 49 passes for 659 yards through the air. He’s connected for seven touchdowns and zero interceptions. Against River Valley Barney was 12-for-15 for 315 yards and three touchdown passes, all of which were to receiver Tadd Challis. Challis notched 227 yards on five catches. 

Needless to say, Dixie’s offense has been more than efficient through two games. But their defense has also played very well. They didn’t give up a point Friday night until 14 seconds remained in the game. Penalties were a factor, though. The Flyers gave up more yards on penalties in the first half than their defense allowed.

The Flyers are soaring right now, and will look to keep gaining altitude next week against Uintah. The game will be played at Snow College.

Canyon View Falcons (2-0): 

Canyon View 22, Richfield 20

The Good News: Canyon View’s defense was a crucial factor behind their win. Nathaniel Hansen recorded 12 solo tackles and assisted on 10 tackles. The Canyon View running core was led by Dakota Marshall, who ran for 91 yards on 15 carries and 3 touchdowns. Quarterback Kameron King threw for 53 yards and carried the ball 11 times for 73 yards.

The Falcons are off to an impressive 2-0 start with wins over Juab and now Richfield. They will look to add to their momentum as they head into their week 3 bye, before their matchup the following week on the road against Desert Hills. 

Pine View Panthers (1-1):

Pine View 46, Desert Pines, Nev. 16

The Good News: After a heartbreaking loss in week one to 4A East, where the panthers lost by only eight points in a back-and-forth battle, Pine View was able to win big on the road in Nevada. The Panthers headed to Las Vegas to face the Jaguars of Desert Pines.

Neither team scored in the first period of play, but the Panther offense was more than efficient in the remaining three quarters, putting up 46 points in that span. Quarterback Braxton Peterson was 8-of-13 through the air, throwing one touchdown, with one interception. Peterson also scored twice on the ground. Kody Wilstead, who also stepped in at quarterback, was 5-of-9 for 91 yards and two touchdowns, with one interception. Jake Arslanian was on the receiving end of eight of those passes, gaining 160 yards and scoring twice. Prentiss Miller led the Panther running core with 19 carries for 204 yards and two touchdowns. 

The Panthers look to build on their win this weekend when they head to Salem Hills to take on the 0-2 Skyhawks.

Desert Hills Thunder (1-1):

Desert Hills 24, Moapa Valley, Nev. 0

The Good News:

The Thunder roared Friday night. Coming off a heartbreaking loss against Syracuse in week one, Desert Hills bounced back to shut out the Pirates of Moapa Valley. Mike Needham led the Thunder on both the passing and receiving fronts. Needham ran the ball 13 times for 171 yards with one touchdown. Needham also caught two passes for 40 yards, and one score. Peter Brown led the Thunder defense with 11 tackles and one interception. 

The Thunder travel to Mt. Pleasant this week to take on the 1-1 Hawks of North Sanpete. 

Cedar Redmen (0-2):

Cedar 7, Highland 41

The Bad News: It was a rough game for the Redmen on Friday night. The Highland Rams put up 41 points in the first half of the game. Highland jumped out of the gate early, when Justin Weaver recovered a fumble and returned it 82 yards to the house. At that moment it seemed all the figurative air in Cedar’s figurative balloon was deflated. The Redmen were never able to get it going. Their only score came in the fourth quarter, when Kaylan Anderson had a big run for Cedar. 

The Redmen have been outscored 74-7 in their two games, which goes to show that neither their offense nor defense are getting it done.

The Redmen will look to get into the win column Friday when they host 0-2 Skyline. Skyline has lost to Hurricane and Syracuse this season. 

Snow Canyon Warriors (0-2):

Snow Canyon 25, Las Vegas 30

The Bad News: The rally that was almost enough, just wasn’t enough Friday night in Las Vegas. The Warriors of Snow Canyon trailed 30-14 going into the final period of play, and despite their 11 points in the fourth they fell short. Quarterback Brayden Linde was 17-of-30 for 218 yards and two touchdowns. Connor Livingston caught seven passes for 142 yards and one touchdown. 

The Warriors have the week off before taking on North Sanpete next week. 

Region 9 is looking very strong early on. Three teams are in the the Deseret News‘ 3A Power Rankings. 

1.) Juan Diego 2-0

2.) Hurricane 2-0

3.) Dixie 2-0

4.) Pine View 1-1

5.) Spanish Fork 2-0


Warren Jeffs Hospitalized after Prison ‘fast’

Polygamous leader Warren Jeffs has been hospitalized after scarcely eating or drinking since his incarceration earlier this month.

Michelle Lyons with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told The Associated Press that due to Jeffs’ lack of nutrition, he is in critical but stable condition. Jeffs was convicted August 8 on multiple accounts of child sex abuse. He is currently at the East Texas Medical Center in Tyler receiving treatment.


FLDS Appeal Denied

AUSTIN, Texas – The convictions of a polygamous sect member who argued that the 2008 raid on the Yearning for Zion ranch was unjust has been denied.

Michael Emack, an FLDS follower and Warren Jeffs supporter was denied by the 3rd District Court of Appeals on Friday, being the first convicted member of Jeffs’ followers to take a case to higher courts.

Emack’s argument of the raid being unconstitutional was rejected when a three-judge panel in Austin said authorities had sufficient grounds for probable cause.

Emack is currently serving a seven-year sentence for sexually assaulting his 16-year-old spiritual wife. Emack is one of eight convicted FLDS men serving a sentence, including Warren Jeffs, the polygamous sect’s religious president.