U.S. Postal Service in Danger

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The logo of the U.S. Postal service is as widely known to most Americans as the golden arches of McDonald’s.
Its workers have been featured in countless comedic films being attacked by dogs on their owner’s property. And in heavily populated areas, people of all kinds rely on the postal service in several ways. But should it find itself victim to today’s economy, and find itself defaulting, it would result in a nation-shaking loss of 220,000 jobs. 

Calls are being made for Congressional action, seeking advice and new strategies for their business model, which already has them at the end of this month paying a 5.5 billion dollar fee to a retiree health benefit fund.

With e-mail and other electronic communication taking precedence over hard mail, the situation weighs heavily on everyone involved, from the workers to the people they work for. But with citizens everywhere pulling for the business, a swift and necessary change is hopefully more imminent than the defaulting of an American institution.