Boulevard Home Furnishings Gives Back for the 23rd Time

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St. George-based Boulevard Home Furnishings made a special donation to our schools today, this time will put the count at 23.

“We try to make community involvement a large part of our business,” Boulevard CEO Sheldon Wittwer told SUN News. “One way we can make that possible is by donating to a good cause, and what better cause than our youth?”

Wittwer has attended every donation event since it started, inviting schools from around the district to pick and choose items based on a budget they give them. “We write them a check that correlates to the number of students they have,” Wittwer said.

Washington County School District Foundation Secretary Diane Tyler expressed her gratitude for the event, saying, “Times are tough, especially for our schools. This event helps the teachers and students out much more than you would think.”

This year’s donation amounted to $30,000, a significant amount which is used to give students the best equipment possible.

“I hope we can continue to do this as long as we’re open for business.” Wittwer said.