Southern Utah Football Going National

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The Utah Highlanders football team is pumped up, looking to dominate over the Nevada team in the first round for the Football University (FBU) National Championship. Several Utah 7th and 8th graders have been recruited to represent Utah as part of the state team to face off with 39 other states in hopes of a national championship in San Antonio, Tex.

If they beat the Nevada team, they will then play a southern California team. With a win at that point, it would then be time to pack for the Lone Star State.  Teams that make it to the Alamodome will play in front of some of the nation’s top recruiters.

FBU athletes will perform for the media as well, learning tools to gain college publicity. This tournament is a great opportunity for the youth football players to get exposure for their future football careers.

Assistant Head Coach Vince Tauanuu helped recruit some of the quality players for the team. He is aware that most states are more into the sports than Utah, but he believes his team can compete. Tauanuu said, “We can play football and I think we’ll be able to surprise a few people.”

Desert Hills Cornerback Nick Warmsley, a freshman, is preparing for a career in the NFL by focusing on the small components of his game. He has confidence in his team and he believes they will do great. “There are a lot of skilled players from St. George and just to bring them all into one team is a really good idea.”

Assistant Coach Tim Nowatzke said this tournament is a great opportunity for the kids to learn new skills, make new friends and progress their abilities that they have right now. “What I expect is their full effort every play. If they’re going to make a mistake, make it going a hundred miles an hour.”

The Highlanders are looking forward to the game and would love any support they could get. They could be the future star players of an NFL team so don’t miss this great opportunity.

The games kick off Saturday November 26, 7th graders will begin at 11 a.m. and the 8th graders will start at 1 p.m. at Hurricane High School.