Sears Art Invitational provides extra color to Dixie springtime

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The Sears Art Invitational is a collection of prized paintings and sculptures for sale. This year’s invitational brought together 135 artists and their 269 pieces.

“These artists go through a selection process. They have to apply. Then there’s a committee that looks at them and they decide if that artist will be invited. If they’re invited then they can send two pieces to the invitational,” said Curator Kathy Cieslewicz.


Fine art such as these pieces obviously takes a lot of time and patience to produce, but when visitors from as far as Maine see your work the many hours pay off.


“It’s an absolutely mind-boggling show. It’s beautiful. This is really a wonderful experience,” said invitational spectator Josephine Bright.


Another visitor of the show, Jake Hicks stated, “It’s amazing. I wish I had talent like most of these people. I’m speechless.”


One of the main goals of the invitational is to get the community and students more involved in the value of art.


“Here at Dixie State College we’re very lucky that we have a beautiful and sophisticated gallery that shows off the art so beautifully. So, it’s an educational opportunity for our students and our community to get to see good art,” stated Cieslewicz.


With hundreds of pieces on display every year, and decades of tradition, the Sears Art Invitational showcases up-and-coming talent in a unique way.


Cieslewicz says she hopes to see many more people at next year’s invitational.