Learning Center for Families is supporting many families around the community

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In a world of video games and cartoons what does it take to keep kids focused on school? Many say you’ve got to keep them entertained with things like songs, blocks, and hula hoops. At the learning center for families the atmosphere encourages learning for life.

“What we do is we go out and see our families. We provide weekly visits where we work on child development, cognitive activities as well as family development,” said executive director Debbie Justice. 

Giving parents much needed bonding time with their children, the center provides parents the tools they need to be a strong support system.

“The Learning Center for Families is an agency that works with vulnerable pregnant women, infants and toddlers in a variety of home visiting programs,” said Justice.

The center offers five programs to help families with different circumstances. Music has been called the universal language, and the center believes that the art is crucial to a child’s development, so they offer Kindermusik.

“We work on social development, communication, motor development, both gross and fine development, their musical abilities, their cognition and their social development, being in a social setting as well,” stated Tara Dunn, a Kindermusik teacher for the center.

With continuous support from faculty, many families leave the learning center achieving their goals.

“Our goal is to help families identify their own goals, and help them get there. We really want to work on what families want to work on. We start with where families are at and we just keep growing with them,” stated Justice.

With a resolve to build lasting relationships, St. George has a place dedicated to giving families all they need to love and support their children.

For more information on The Learning Center for Families, visit tlc4families.org.