Students get slippery and slide at Red Storm Splash

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A wave of people slipped into the notorious True Rebel fountain Friday for The Red Storm Splash. 

The Red Storm Splash, an activity that immediately followed Freshman Friday, was designed to get freshmen and upperclassmen ready for the first of the year.

Sami Warnick, vice president of student life, said the Red Storm Splash has become a school tradition. 

“It’s really a good way to get the freshmen excited for school,” said Warnick, a senior business administration major from Wanship. “It’s also a great way to get all the school leaders and organizations together to have a good time and get to know each other.”

Stefanie Higginson, coordinator of student life, said the community has really started to come together to help and support DSC in all it’s activities.

“Jimmy John’s came to support and give out free sandwiches,” Higginson said. “And Hyundai came just to advertise and play music. Everybody seems to be coming together for Dixie.” 

As students lathered themselves up in soap for the Slip ‘n Slide that started from the top of the Eccles/Graff building walkway and traveled to the bottom of the hill, other students ate subs, visited with one another and listened to Hyundai’s music.

Higginson said she loved how the fountain turned into a great big hangout.

“It’s the best fun under the sun,” said Rhett Nielsen from Spanish Fork. “I’m loving it.”

Warnick said the event was really just a time for students to stop stressing before school and relax.

“It’s honestly the only time, other than True Rebel…students are allowed to jump, swim and play in the fountain,” Warnick said. “They might as well take advantage of it.”

The Red Storm Splash ended Freshman Friday and kicked off Week of Welcome for which Warnick said the student  association has great things planned.