Movie nights redefined by creative students

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Popcorn isn’t the only thing in need of spicing up when it comes to watching movies.

It’s been said there’s nothing to do in St. George besides watch movies, so make the most out of the experience.

Maddison Rodet, a junior integrated studies major from Santa Clara, said she used to make movies with her friends.

“We would think of a plot or reenact a scene from a movie…and somebody else would judge whose was best,” Rodet said.

Rodet also said she made a movie with a large group as part of a date.

For those who are camera shy, Rodet had another suggestion.

“Grab a laptop and head out to the sand dunes for an interesting movie experience,” Rodet said. “It’s fun—especially on a summer night because the sand is kind of cold.”

Make sure to take blankets to avoid getting covered in sand.

“You have to be careful because lots of sand can get in your computer,” Rodet said.

The sand dunes are not the only way to make use of the natural desert landscape in St. George.

Carson Ence, a junior biology major from St. George, recommended watching movies in the desert.

For a drive-in movie feel, project the movie onto a flat surface, make sure the sound system is in check, and watch the movie from the back of a truck.

Lisa Jensen, a junior nursing major from Pleasant Grove, suggested driving farther away from the city where it’s dark so the stars can be seen.

If the desert is too far of a drive, a park is another destination for movie-goers.

Jessica Hardman, a sophomore nursing major from St. George, said she has watched movies with her friends at parks around town.

“You can get a lot of people,” Hardman said. “That’s really fun.”

Keep in mind that St. George parks close after the sun goes down so make sure to go earlier in the evening. There is an exception to the park-after-dark rule, though. The city of St. George offers a free movie every second and fourth Friday of the month at the Sunset on the Square event.

Deanna Osborn, a freshman physical therapy assistant major from Detroit, said she enjoys the free entertainment at Sunset on the Square.

“It’s a really relaxed, free environment,” Osborn said.

The only thing that might cost money is those cravings for popcorn and cotton candy offered by a few of the many vendors at the event. 

Another fun movie experience Osborn had was at a friend’s private pool. Osborn said there was a projector screen outside, and everyone lounged in the pool while the movie played.