Hotel Transylvania a Halloween delight

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Mummies, zombies and an invisible man fill the rooms at “Hotel Transylvania,” a spook-filled mansion meant to keep all monsters safe from those creepy, evil creatures they call humans.

“Hotel Transylvania” wasn’t what I was expecting: a spooky movie that resembled “The Nightmare before Christmas,” an entertaining cartoon for children and adults.

Yet it was nothing like that at all. The only thing that rattled my bones  or gave me the creeps was the occasional roar from Big Foot and a couple spooky sections where Dracula bore his teeth.

I expected ooze and slime, ferocious yellow teeth and weird-looking bugs. But while I knew the movie was about Dracula and his daughter I still expected a little more “typical” monster. Instead I got “Hotel Transylvania.”

Dracula is trying to protect his daughter from the outside world and he thinks he has done a good job. But when a human wanders into the hotel, his daughter’s birthday turns into chaos.

The movie was geared toward children 8 and yo. The film was innocent in language and humor, but as a 20-year-old college student, I loved it.

The story was solid and the lesson taught was one that all families have to learn some time or another: letting go. This meant it was relatable and I liked that.

Also, the movie was nothing but childish humor, which is my favorite kind. What is ever better than hearing a child laugh at something he or she thinks is funny and not what their parents are laughing at? I heard a lot of children laughing during the film, which only made it better. 

Frankenstein’s wife was a hoot, the brainless zombies were hilarious, and the hippie human was totally chill. But in all actuality, my favorite characters weren’t in the main cast.

The gremlins that held no emotion and ate anything were adorable, but they also ruined others’ fun! And the little baby werewolves that destroyed all that was in their path and kept their parents on their toes couldn’t have been better. Oh, and the skeletons! I just adored the skeletons. I have to giggle each time I think of them.

The movie made me feel like a child again. It was the same excitement children used to feel toward Halloween trick or treating and helping their mother put up her not-so-scary but cute decorations.

The film is not only worth it for the plot, but it’s also worth it for the feeling you get.

While “Hotel Transylvania” may be geared toward the younger generation, it’s a great show for families to take their children to. Plus, if you’re an animated film lover, check it out before Halloween. It’s a great get away from the ghoulish, evil films that take over the entire month of October. Plus, who couldn’t use a good laugh during the scariest month of the year?

 As Dracula would say, “Enjoy the show, Blah Blehh Blah.”