True Rebel tradition in its 15th year

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After dipping into the crisp waters of Dixie State College’s fountain, students’ butt cheeks won’t be the only things to pucker. 


The act of gathering at the fountain, finding a partner and locking lips has made True Rebel Night a mainstay and fiery way to end Homecoming week.


True Rebel Night has taken place on and off for 15 years. Sami Warnick, DSC Student Association’s vice president of student life and a senior business major from Wanship, said it wasn’t until 2008 that the event was allowed to continue with its original name, and the name sums up the nature of the event.


True Rebel is based on finding a fellow Rebel, waiting until the clock strikes 12, and kissing in the fountain—a place students typically aren’t allowed to be.


“It’s rebellious to go kiss in the fountain and be a True Rebel,” said Bryn Cannon, a sophomore general education major from Salt Lake City. “It’s bringing tradition into it too because the school [mascot] used to be the Rebels.”


Cannon said those who don’t go to school events can feel comfortable at the event because of the simplicity of the act and the atmosphere. Students can go by themselves or take a date.


Whether flying solo or going as a couple, True Rebel Night creates lasting memories.


Lacy Culpepper, a junior English major from Clinton, and Justin Hope, a junior computer information technology major from West Jordan, attended True Rebel Night two years ago, early into their relationship.


“It sounds corny, but being in a relationship and going to True Rebel Night for the first time had that special heel-kick moment,” Culpepper said.


Culpepper and Hope advanced their relationship, but with courage, singles can take part in a serial-kissing to remember.


Hope said anyone hesitant to take the plunge shouldn’t be worried because there are plenty of lips to go around.


“There will be somebody to kiss,” Hope said, describing many people who stand in the fountain and offer kisses to timid True Rebels.


Homecoming is close to Halloween, and Warnick said this year’s True Rebel Night will have a seasonal theme—with a side of passion and Rebel lip balm.


“Events like [True Rebel Night] create a great opportunity for students to socialize, make new friendships and take pride in their school,” Warnick said. “Where else in Utah can you go in a fountain at the end of October without falling ill?”


True Rebel Night takes place at midnight on Oct. 28 after the Homecoming dance. Visit http://www.dixie.edu/homecoming/ for more information on True Rebel Night and other Homecoming events.