Campus crowd seeks to define term, “You might be a DSC student if…”

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Students ignited with banter when asked to complete the phrase, “You might be a Dixie State College student if…”

The truisms attributed to the typical DSC culture range from where to make out to love for fun in the sun.

Students said one aspect required to earn your title as a Red Storm aficionado is if you have kissed a fellow True Rebel in specific spots on, as well as off, campus.

Thaddeus Hildebrandt, a freshman biology major from St. George, said, “You know you’re a Dixie State College student if you’ve kissed somebody on Dixie rock.”

Erin Horton, a senior biology major from Santa Clara, added that kissing in the fountain is a Dixie must-do.

Horton also said Dixie students have in-depth knowledge about non-academic subjects. You might be a Dixie student “if you know more about Harry Potter than you learned in History 1700.”

JaNay Maxwell, a sophomore theater major from St. George, said when it comes to college requirements the typical DSC student dislikes any general education classes.

Even if some college courses might be disliked by DSC students, a love for toasty temperatures and the sunshine of southern Utah is an aspect many share.

Joseph Hill, a sophomore general education major from Syracuse, said you might be a Dixie student “if you’re wearing shorts in December.” 

When it comes to campus fashion, there is also a shared attitude among students, which is color me red.

Cierra Wilkinson, a sophomore general education major from St. George, said you’re a true DSC student if the majority of your wardrobe consists of red clothing.

When homework, books and tests take over the lives of students on campus, they also share familiar places for a much-needed escape. 

Hill pointed out a weekend getaway to Las Vegas is typical at Dixie. But quick trips like these don’t stop at Sin City. California is also close enough for a sporadic road trip.