Students compose, check off bucket lists

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 Whether it’s skydiving, running a marathon, or traveling to new places, students want to live life to its fullest by experiencing life goals.

For Anna Jordan, a junior dental hygiene major from Washington City, going to Ireland is on her list of things to do in her life.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and run around in the hills because they look so green and fun,” she said. 

Chihiro Yamada, a sophomore general education major from Gujo, Japan, also keeps her bucket list inside her head. Some of her goals are to receive her bachelor’s degree, travel the world and learn more about its heritage, and buy clothes without looking at the price tag.

“I always look at the tag first,” Yamada said. “I want to buy clothes just because I want it, not because it’s cheap.”

Yamada has recently accomplished one item she’s had on her bucket list since she was young, and that was to come to America.

Sierra Worlton, a sophomore communication major from St. George, doesn’t keep a bucket list because there is only one thing she wants to do before she dies.

“I wouldn’t want to go skydiving,” she said. “I just want to be with those I love and have good relationships before I die.”

Worlton also wants to be happy and live without regrets.

Braden Lindstrom, writing center director and English instructor, said he used to keep a bucket list, but he doesn’t anymore. When he did, he would put what he wanted to accomplish in a noticeable place, like the bathroom mirror or a wallet, so he could see it all the time and focus on it.

Lindstrom has exotic places he would like to travel to, including the Taj Mahal in India and the Petra ruins in Jordan. He also wants to ride in a hot air balloon over the thousands of temples in Burma.

Besides seeing historic sites, Lindstrom wants to see African animals in their natural habitat. Another item on Lindstrom’s bucket list is to have a screenplay he’s written be made into a Hollywood movie. 

Shawn Myers, a junior health science major from St. George, has many things he wants to do. At the top of his list is to someday travel the whole world, but for now he’s trying to visit every state in the U.S. He has already been to 26.

Completing school is another item on Myers’ bucket list. After a tough past few years of losing his job and traveling to find another job, he wants to complete his degree to show his kids that anyone can go back to school at any time. 

Myers learned at an early age to write down what he wanted to do in life.

“I realized at about 20 that there was a lot of stuff that I want to do,” he said.

He went to a seminar where the teacher said everyone should write down what they want to do in life because if they don’t have their life goals written in ink, they’re just thoughts. As soon as people write everything down, they kind of hold themselves accountable, Myers said. 

While some people want to buy new cars or houses, Myers just wants to travel and gain new experiences he can pass to his kids.

“There’s so many neat things out there,” he said. “If we just would take the time to open our eyes and experience people and what they have to offer, we can so much better the quality of ourselves and the world.”