School approves $20K for new drop-off zone

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A drop-off zone will be constructed between the Campus Services building and the Shiloh Dorms after safety concerns were raised. 

A new plan was accepted by the Dixie State College Board of Trustees on Jan. 18.

Parents or spouses of DSC students will be able to enter the parking lot from 1000 East and drop students off in a quick and efficient manner, said Sherry Ruesch, executive director of campus services.

Ruesch said that spouses and parents are already using this parking lot to drop off students. The new drop-off zone would make it safer for students and drivers that are in the parking lot. However, she is aware that drop-offs will occur on other parts of campus, and she encourages students to use the new zone. 

“We have had a lot of near miss [accidents] in the parking lot separating Campus Services and the dorms,” Ruesch said. “No major emergencies yet, but close calls, yes.”

Ruesch said the majority of construction will take place during spring break, so students and faculty will not be inconvenienced. 

The parking lot itself will not be closed during construction, which will allow for dorm residents to access the parking lot.  

“Our goal is to have the drop-off zone open when the students return from the break,” Ruesch said.

According to sketches from Campus Services, the new drop-off area will have concrete spheres, trees and greenery to make the new space match the buildings already on campus.

In addition to those changes, a new gate has already been constructed for campus lawn mowers to enter on the west side of campus to cut down on traffic in the already busy parking lot.

“With the cars, mowers and students, there was just a lot going on in that particular parking lot,” Ruesch said.

The new drop-off zone will cost $20,000 and is funded by a one time money fund, which is leftover money the school has from last year.

“Why not build it?” said Troy Whitehead, a sophomore biology major from Santa Clara. “If the school has money to spend, they might as well use it.” 

Ruesch said the drop-off zone is a good way to spend the leftover money.

“We wanted to make a safe area for students to be dropped off, and the drop-off zone will create that,” Ruesch said.