Request Robby: Pedicures, facials alien territory

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Women know how to live.

I’ve always considered the life of a lady as something alien. Some women put a lot of effort and money into pampering; it’s farfetched. I wanted a glimpse into why women do what they do to look and feel fabulous.

I journeyed into unknown territory at Taylor Andrews Academy and set my first pedicure and facial appointments.

Entering the beauty school, I was consumed with confusion. I’ve been in a hair salon, but there were other extraterrestrial gizmos I had never seen before. There was a room full of bathtubs and pillows, but the tubs were too small for normal-sized people. Also, there were beautiful women everywhere, which had me wondering why I haven’t been here before.

Taylor Andrews student Kamille Robertson escorted me to a back room with her instructor to begin with the facial treatment. There were no jars of cucumbers, just a closet with a bunch of potions and brews. Robertson and her instructor bickered a little in a foreign language. They concluded their strange discussion with the verdict being “regular” creams on account they thought my skin was fabulous and my beard may have potentially been a nuisance.

The room where I would have my face warped had a fuzzy table too small to support a man’s body. Robertson told me to undress to my comfort level, put on a robe and then jump into the tiny bed. The robes available were just a napkin, which after the facial I learned was supposed to go around my waist.

Robertson rubbed my face with different cold creams with strong scents for about half an hour and then massaged my shoulders while a hot, wet rag lay on my face. The experience was uncomfortable at first. I couldn’t decide where to put my awkwardly large arms, but eventually, as the music took my mind away, I didn’t care.

My womanly guide finished the facial treatment by washing my face and then guided me to the room of tiny tubs.

Robertson should have been wearing a hard hat because pedicures are tough work. After soaking my feet, the lady at work utilized a sanding tool to smooth out the rough parts on my feet. The rest of the foot treatment included more cold creams, hot rags and massages. The pedicure lasted about half an hour.

I left the salon feeling fantastic. For a while, all of my worries and woes were nonexistent, and I was a princess. I enjoyed having people take care of me and I didn’t have to do anything. It was nice to leave the world outside the salon. Women have it figured out.

I would suggest a beautifying day for anyone overwhelmed and cluttered. When someone is pampering you, and you’ve set aside the time for it, invest yourself completely. Tell yourself, “I have this time, and it’s my time for me.”

Many dudes don’t do salon-style pampering, but they should. If you’re a man and you’re curious about getting a pedicure or a facial, remember: beautiful women will be massaging your face and feet. Plus, women love guys who are open to new things.  

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