Softball team learns from mistakes, makes improvements

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The softball team is not looking back on past mistakes as tournaments continue. 

The Red Storm, ranked No. 24 in Division II softball, have been stepping up the workouts at practice and are looking forward to upcoming games.

Head coach Randy Simkins said this year’s team is top notch, and he is looking forward to a strong showing in all the games they will play.

“The biggest thing for us right now is to improve on our consistency,” Simkins said.

Simkins said the team has played well, but the team has lost two games by just one run.

“We should have a 7-0 record right now,” Simkins said. “We are not looking back on past mistakes but looking at how we can make them better.”

Catcher Marla Reiter, a sophomore business major from Fresno, Calif.,  said the team has a potty training toilet that sits in the dug-out during practice, and when a player  makes a mistake, she will go over and flush the toilet and move on. 

“We know we will mess up,” Reiter said. “One mistake can’t turn into two.”

Reiter said practices have been getting harder and more technical. 

“We have been hitting the cages a lot lately,” Reiter said.

The team showed its skills during a tournament at Dixie and another tournament in Arizona last week.

“This tournament is a big deal,” Simkins said. “We have total of six games and look to win them all.”

The tournament is an invitation-only event. This gives the Red Storm the needed competition. 

Simkins said the team will be looking to senior first baseman Anna Cue for some major plays during the tournament.

“She is an All-American and had six home runs in seven games last weekend,” Simkins said. “She is the one that stands out the most.”

Coaches and players are ready for the challenges coming this season and will continue to work hard to make it to the top spot.

“It’s going to have to be a team effort to be successful,” Simkins said.