Heart of Dixie striving for ‘good, uplifting’ events

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A new production company is setting the stage for the party beats.

Staff working for the Heart of Dixie have put together several events for college-age students since co-owner Jared Kaddington started the business with his wife mid-year 2012. Kaddington said he started the company as a better alternative for some of the questionable activities kids were involved in such as bonfires in the desert.

“I realized there wasn’t much going on in this town for the youth culture,” Kaddington said. “I thought we could really do something for the people in this community. We thought of this idea of good, uplifting events that everyone could come to and enjoy.”

Some of the employees of the Heart of Dixie are college students, bringing a perspective of what students at Dixie State University may be looking for in dances and events.

“I ask my peers, ‘What do you want to get from this?,’” said Jeffery Moody, head of security and a sophomore general education major from Fillmore. “We listen to what college kids want and what they have to say. The reason why Heart of Dixie is so successful is because we work hard at what we do.”

Kaddington said he can provide the events people want to go to because of his 10 years of experience in the industry working in Arizona.

“I like hanging out and seeing everyone having a good time,” Kaddington said. “To be honest, I never enjoyed one of my own events until I started having them [in Southern Utah]. Glow was one of the best nights of my life.”

Moody said one of his favorite dances hosted by Heart of Dixie events was Glow. He said the Heart of Dixie strives for throwing events people are going to remember after they finish college.

“The mission is (to provide) the best events you can get your hands on and keeping it affordable,” Kaddington said. “I don’t do an event unless you guys can come and leave with a smile on your face thinking, ‘that was the best event of my life.’ If I can’t put together that kind of event, I won’t do it.”

Kaddington also said he wants every event he throws each year to be annual, so students can always have an idea of what’s coming up.

“With the U status, kids are going to be here for four years,” He said. “They are going to know the events that we do are something they can rely upon on an annual basis.”    To find out about the next Heart of Dixie event go to myheartofdixie.com.