Gas tax will hurt more than it helps

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Buying gasoline is a part of an average Americans’ life. 

The average American pays $3.68 for a gallon of gas, according to AAA. Gas prices could be increasing more as there is talk of a new gas tax to be passed by Congress. 

At first, only a one percent increase would be added to every gallon that would be purchased, which would only be 3.9 cents more per gallon. However, by the year 2015, the tax would be raised to two percent, causing prices to go up to 6.8 cents a gallon.

The U.S. government would raise the tax, and then the state governments would have the option to raise their state gas tax as well. 

The money collected by the new gas tax would go toward The Highway Trust Fund, which uses taxes to improve highway conditions and pay for construction. 

While our roads need all the help they can get, the American people cannot afford this new tax.

Speaking as a college student who has to pay tuition and other expenses, gas is pricey as it is. I also live 15 miles away from the campus, so my gas does not last long.

If the price is raised, I would have to stop doing extracurricular activities that are farther away from my house because I could not afford the gas.

Some feel that the new tax will encourage drivers to be more eco-friendly. In a 2012 article on Forbes.com titled “Should We Raise The Gas Tax?,” written by Michael Kanellos, “Fuel taxes will also encourage consumers to buy efficient cars. Carpooling, which could cut traffic, could become more popular.”

While this might work in big cities, it would be hard for towns the size of St. George. We do not have public transportation systems that can take residents where they need to go. Car pooling could be a possibility, but you are restricted with the activities you may want to do after work.

The new gas tax might help with the highways in our country, but Americans will not be able to afford to drive on them.

You can go to utah.gov/house2/representatives to find your local representative and ask them to keep the gas tax the way it is now.