Students fall to screens for seasonal TV shows

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DVRs and Hulu accounts are in full use again as fall television shows begin.

Many stations returned to their fall schedules this week, causing anticipation and excitement among students and staff members at Dixie State University.

Shows such as “The Walking Dead,” “Survivor” and “Once Upon A Time” start where they left viewers captivated, and they plan on more seasons to come. 

Warren Anderson, a sophomore accounting major from Santa Clara, has watched almost every season of “Survivor” and is excited for the new twist in this season’s show.

“Past survivors get to come back and play against their loved ones,” Anderson said. “It is a great idea.” 

While shows like “Survivor” are continuing, many other shows are entering their final season, and fans are anxious to know what will happen to their beloved characters.

According to CNN Entertainment, “How I Met Your Mother” will not continue after this season. 

Jessica Leavitt, a senior communication major from Gunlock, said she could not wait for Monday night when “How I Met Your Mother” started.

“We finally get to find out who Ted is going to marry,” Leavitt said.

“How I Met Your Mother” follows the story of Ted, who is looking for love in New York City.    “The whole show has been revolving around this,” Leavitt said. “Everyone has their guess as to who the woman is, and now we finally get to see if we are right.”

Another popular show rumored to be coming to an end, because its production team and supporting actress is leaving, is “Grey’s Anatomy.” The show is in its tenth season and follows the life of Meredith Grey, her coworkers and the trauma that happens at the hospital where they work. 

Kylea Custer, a freshman communication major from Las Vegas, said she is sad about Grey’s Anatomy’s tentative ending, but she knows every show must come to an end.

“You don’t want it to happen,” Custer said. “But there comes a time where nothing else can really happen.”

Custer said she would like to see the ending of the show be realistic, but she thinks a prominent character will die before the season is over.

“My sister and I have watched all of the seasons,” said Britta Greenhalgh, a sophomore biology major from Provo. “I have no idea what is going to happen, but I can’t wait for it to start.”

“The Walking Dead” took the nation by storm in 2010. It returns in October as popular as ever.

The idea of the apocalypse and zombies roaming the earth is appealing to Kelsie Watters, a senior communication major from Santa Clara.

Watters even plans her Sundays around the show, making sure her homework and other obligations are taken care of before the show comes on.

“I love that show,” Watters said. “The apocalypse really interests me.” 

Some people are diligent and will watch the show as soon as it comes on. Others, like Eric Young, an assistant professor of communication, wait and record the whole season to watch them all in a row.

“‘Breaking Bad’ has become my addiction,” Young said. “I like to wait and watch it all together because it adds to the story.”

“Breaking Bad” is about a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and pressed for extra cash to support his family. So, he and a former student start cooking meth and selling it on the street. 

The finale of the show was this Sunday and lived up to the show’s expectations, said Alli Stewart, a senior biology major from Santa Clara. 

“The writers of the show are brilliant,” Stewart said. “It ended the way I wanted it to.”