Odd college jobs curb fiscal woes

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Whether it’s being smart with money or finding odd jobs around campus, students have found ways to reel in the dough.

We all hear the phrase “poor college student” on a regular basis, but some students at Dixie State University have found ways to escape that inglorious title.

Ben Fuller, a sophomore general education major from Highland, said he usually buys phones and iPods with broken screens from KSL, buys a new screen, and fixes the item himself.

“From there, I make sure the item looks good, and I usually sell it back on KSL for double the price I bought it for,” Fuller said. “I have made some money doing that over the past few months.”

Another popular thing that has found its way across campus is donating plasma to BioLife.

“Our donor base is about 20 percent students,” said Carson Mckim, the center supervisor of BioLife. “Depending [on how many times you come in] you can make anywhere from up to $50 to $60 a week.”

Mckim said right now their based fee is normally $20 your first time and a frequency bonus of $40 dollars your second time within the same week, but he said the prices change every month. 

“I donate plasma for extra money, which helps me with expenses such as groceries and gas,” said Conner Snyder, a sophomore general education major from West Valley. “I don’t really like giving plasma, but it helps me financially, and it saves lives.”

Sammy Weat, a junior psychology major from Kearns, said he used to donate plasma every other week.

“You can get good money from it,” Weat said. “I spend it on food, college and clothes. It also made me feel better; I was helping people and I could get money from doing it.”

Weat said he would suggest this to other students, and, if they really had to, they could survive off of it.

Students can also look into the Career Center. There, students can sign up to be a tutor for college-level kids down to elementary school kids. But the center has more than just one option.

Cheryl Brant, the student employment specialist at the Career Center, said the Career Center also has an odd job list that students can sign up for.

“It’s for jobs that are only for a day when someone needs help with cleaning, yard work or those types of things,” Brant said. “They [also] can make some extra cash by getting a part-time seasonal job, which is a hire just for the holidays.”

Another thing students could look into is Bubblews.com. This website is full of people who are getting paid to voice their thoughts and sharing the advertisement revenue growth. For every comment, like or share on a person’s post, the author of that post will receive money. Once you get up to $25, authors can redeem their cash and Bubblenews.com officials will send them their money.

“I like what I do, though it’s not a career-starting job,” Fuller said. “It is a great way to bring in some extra cash, and to not worry about having enough money for the next meal.”