Vocalists belt out new tradition

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Dixie State University students are using their vocal skills to compete for $500 in the first-ever Dixie Idol.

The first Dixie Idol round took place April 2 in the Gardner Center, where musically talented students competed for the hefty chunk of change.

“I think Dixie Idol will turn into a great tradition at Dixie,” said event organizer Shaelie Knutson, a senior communication major from Preston, Idaho. “There are so many wall flowers at Dixie who like to sit in their dorms, but I think as we find those different passions that people have, we’re going to bring students out into the limelight and let them shine.” 

Out of 19 contestants, 10 moved on to compete in the next round of Dixie Idol on Monday at noon. 

“I think I did pretty well,” said contestant Tessa Hadley, a freshman biology major from Salt Lake who competed in the first elimination round. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to let myself go on stage, but if I just focus on my voice and enjoy what I’m doing, it’s a lot easier.”

Dixie students and community members have been participating by voting for their favorite singers. Audience members have been voting by calling 435-272-1991 during each elimination round.

“I’m looking forward to the different styles of music, getting these guys out of their comfort zone, and seeing what other kind of stuff they can do,” said audience member Miles Manwaring, a junior art major from St. George.

From Monday’s elimination round, seven moved on to the next round Tuesday at noon: Jacob Beckstrand, Edson Packer, Megan Hatt, Greg Knell, Sky Crystal, Chance Steglich and Jadon Webster.

Crystal and Beckstrand were eliminated Tuesday during a country-themed round. The remaining contestants will perform today at noon.

Out of the five remaining contestants, two will be eliminated today. Then, the three finalists will perform as a trio at the Clock Tower Dedication on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. where the final voting will take place.

“I’m glad they’re doing this event,” said contestant Steglich, a junior psychology major from Hurricane. “It’s a lot of fun, and I’m just in it for the ride.”