Register, find athletes, continue intramural play

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Not many people have the chance to play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and soccer all in one semester, but Dixie State University students have this privilege.

The trick is to know how to get your team registered and ready to play and how to play as many sports as possible.

First, there are many different ways to choose who you want on your team. If you hang out at the Student Activities Center on campus, there is a good chance you could find someone to join your basketball or an indoor volleyball team.

For soccer, Ultimate Frisbee or football, there are many grassy areas on campus to find some students playing a pick-up game who will want to join.

Intramural sports give students the opportunity to play multiple sports without any other intramural conflicting with the other.

Some students also think intramurals provide good chances to play sports with friends.

“I love to be with friends,” said Chance Truman, a sophomore general education major from Enterprise. “[Intramurals] is a time we can to get together, just have fun and play sports together.”

Not only can students be with friends, but they can take the opportunity to make new friends they play with.

“I just like playing sports because now that I don’t play high school sports anymore; it gives me a chance to play,” said Nathan Porter, a seniorcommunication major from Riverdale.

To create a team, students must have a Dmail account. Students will login or register at IMLeagues.com (also found under the “Current Students” drop-down menu) using their Dmail accounts. From there, students can create a team or join an existing team, which may require the captain’s permission.

Intramurals is not high school or college athletics, but some believe it’s generally more organized than the random pick-up game.

“High school is a little more competitive, obviously, because you have to be,” Porter said. “Intramurals has a lot of good players too; everyone’s pretty serious about it, so it’s pretty competitive.”

Truman said he has played a lot of different intramural sports.

“[The competition] varies with sports, but I would say it’s more relaxed; it’s more fun,” Truman said. “Whereas high school was a lot more serious and competitive.”

Truman said his favorite sport is basketball because of the great competition.

Howell said the events for the fall should remain the same except for a possible addition of pickleball.

“It doesn’t matter if the sport didn’t do well the previous year because of the (fluctuation) of students,” Howell said.

Howell said students come and go at Dixie State and it is tough to keep a team together for the entire four years.

The intramural office is found in the Student Activities Center on the east side of the court. There, students can see a schedule and see past intramural winners.