Cheap, unique dates matter of creativity

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Aspen Jones, a freshman nursing major from Salt Lake City:

“Glowstick caves in Snow Canyon are way fun. You just take some glows sticks, you can buy them super-cheap at Wal-Mart … it is down in this cave and it is pitch black  and there are glow sticks everywhere, and you play hide and seek for two hours. It is so much fun and super cheap.”


Eliza Harris, a sophomore biology major from Ogden:

“Fishing [is great] just to any of the ponds. There are a lot of ponds in St. George, and everyone just brings a fishing pole; you don’t even need to go and buy bait.” 


Spencer Fankhauser, a sophomore business major from West Jordan:

“So, one of my favorites [would be] the scenic outlook [in Snow Canyon Park.] I usually have some breakfast food ready and then go out there early in the morning … [and see] the sunrise, as it hits the red rocks over there. It’s one of the few places in the world where we actually get the white sandstone and the red sandstone to intermingle the way they do over there. It’s fun [and] romantic … You get to see each other in the early morning light.”