D-week experience depends on students

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An activity on campus can go either way for students; it is all about who they choose to spend that activity with.

Some students say there is nothing to do in St. George and that it is just a boring town made for the “snow birds.” However, there are tons of events that Dixie State University Student Association puts on to help students have a great time while in college. 

Student Body President Greg Layton, a senior English major from Cottonwood Heights, said D-Week is all about being a part of the long-running traditions.

“The amount of fun a student experiences isn’t necessarily a product of the event but a result of who that student associates with at the event,” Layton said.

A great way to have a good time with the activities on campus is by spending that time with friends. Even if the event isn’t something that a student might be super interested in, he or she has total control of what to do to make it what it can be.

DSUSA committee member Dillon McKinney, a junior mathematics major from St. George, said it is important for students to get involved. 

“We talk about how the Dixie spirit is what makes us special, and participating in the long-running traditional events is a great way to feel that for anyone who hasn’t felt it before,” McKinney said.

The Dixie spirit, which means having pride for Dixie State University, is talked about a lot on campus. The spirit is important to a lot of people on campus because some say it is what makes Dixie so fun. DSUSA is always organizing activities that if students go they would enjoy the activity and even have the chance of making new friends and feeling the famous Dixie spirit.

DSUSA puts on these events for the good of students while in college. There are many things, such as time and commitment, that go into making these events fun and exciting for students.

“The reason why these events are done is because the purpose of DSUSA is to try and create experiences for current students to enhance their university experiences by creating social events, means for academic experiences and to gain valuable experiences through involvement,” Layton said. 

D-Week is now, and there are many traditional events that have been planned.

The week begins with a kick-off in the morning and a Food Fest that night. Tuesday is the day of the D-Queen Pageant. The traditional Wednes-D event will be on Wednesday, and Thursday will be the day of breaking a world record. The week will end with the Great Race and a carnival. 

The students and advisers of DSUSA want all students to have a good time while at Dixie State University.

“The students and advisers who put in thousands of hours each semester [are] providing experiences [for] students to enjoy [new] experiences while getting an education,” Layton said. 

Having a good time can make or break the college experience. Being in college is all about stepping out of the comfort zone of home, new adventures, making new friends and having an all-around great time.

“Get friends to come with you [to the different activities on campus] because it makes any experience more enjoyable,” Layton said.