Cat loving baby, romantic magician go viral

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A cat-lovin’ baby does a little dance, a magician makes a little love in Scotland, and I got down to see what videos were viral during the first week of school.

With the help of my best friend Google, I came across an Internet site that compiles the latest viral videos at viralviralvideos.com. Most of its videos are only a few days old, and it makes the search for what’s going viral an easy one.

“Baby Loves Cat”

Once you get past the stinking diapers and crying, my favorite thing about babies is their reactions to all the new things they come across. Ripping paper, eating lemon slices, mean mugging on cue, or biting their brother’s finger are just a few of the classic baby YouTube videos.

The Merkley Family shared a video on YouTube of their 10-month-old daughter’s excitement for her cat Aug. 16, and it now has over four million views.

This video is more for the baby loving YouTubers, rather than the cat loving YouTubers. But this little girl has most cat lovers beat when it comes to claiming being a cat lover at birth.

“She’s incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around,” the Merkley Family wrote in the caption below the video.

The most adorable thing about this video is the sleep sack she is wearing that makes her look like an overjoyed starfish when she sees her cat. The only thing better then her outfit is her uncontrollable breathing as her mom sets down the cat in her crib.

The Merkley Family wrote, “The obsession grows every day.”

This could be a sign for a future video for all you baby-loving, cat-loving YouTubers. But this video should give you a little satisfaction for those cute baby syndromes.

“Magician Neil Henry’s alphabet spaghetti trick”

Magician Neil Henry performed a trick so great he could only do it once at the Edinburgh Festival Aug. 25.

I, for one, am not a fan of SpaghettiOs, but Henry didn’t seem to have too much of a problem as he slammed back a cold can of them with the help of a slow-clapping audience at the beginning of his trick. He then washes the tomatoey alphabet down with some string and picks a young woman from the audience as a volunteer.

Henry laughs and admits to the audience, “…By the way that is my girlfriend.”

I hate how the title of the video, “Magician Neil Henry proposes to his girlfriend with alphabetty spaghetti trick,” gives away to the YouTubers what he is going to do, but the reaction of his girlfriend still makes the video worth watching.

Henry begins to pull out the string, points, and encourages Gardner to say the first letter “M.”

My favorite part of the whole video is Gardner’s confused look and timid voice as she says the letter “A” into the microphone. She then looks Henry in the eyes and lets out the most ridiculous laugh.

The emotions got better as he spelled out the rest of the question.

Before Henry got down to his knee, he said, “Having you in my life is real magic, and I never want that to end.”

Henry performed another trick revealing the ring, but I won’t spoil the rest.

This proposal has got to be one the best ones I have ever seen. This video definitely raised the bar for all the men (or women) out there.

Cheers to Henry and Gardner for their engagement, and I’m going to advise the Merkley Family to put some of that YouTube money away for college.