7 habits to kick In 2017

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If you could kick one of your bad habits, what would it be?

A new year brings new opportunities to improve, and what better way to improve than let go of those habits that have been dragging you down. In order to do so, you have to identify what those problems are. Here are seven habits that students aim to drop this year.

Procastinition is the most popular habit people aim to kick.

Shane Hopkins, a junior communication major from Los Angeles said “I’d love to stop procrastinating because it will probably help me later on in life.”

Self doubt was another common theme among students.

“I’d like to be more on the move, and stop doubting myself.”, said Ashalee Soule, a sophomore art major from St. George . She said the more confidence she could have, the better prepared she would be to take on anything else 2017 has in store.

Stress and poor time management were often brought up together. These two bad habits are related, and are  easier to overcome when dealt with together, Tanner Prax, a sophomore majoring in exercize science from Salt Lake City said. 

He said the two bad habits are without a doubt linked, and that when he manages his time poorly, he tends to become stressed, which pulls him into a cycle.

“Sometimes I sit in my car and yell at myself to not get stressed out,” Sam Fife, a freshman art major from St. George, said. “I give myself a pep talk before class.” While being 

Morgan Todd, a junior sports science major from St. George decided she wanted to drop her bad habit of not going to the gym, and made a plan to achieve her goal.

Todd said: “I want to make it a point to go to the gym at least five times a week this year, and to help that I also want to cut down on the junk food I eat.” This compliments the next habit students want to drop, which is poor eating habits.

 “I’m going to eat less refined sugar, said Dan Blackmore, a freshman majoring in medical science from Vancouver,  British Columbia. He fully intends to follow through with his goal, and is  confident that he can make it all year long.

Prax is ready to make his bed every day instead of leaving it messy every morning.

“Making your bed is the first task of the day, and if you can do that, then you can get in the mindset of tackling every other task that comes your way that day, and the rest of the year.”