How students are getting around without a car

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Owning a car is costly for Dixie State University students, but DSU has helped established cost-effective ways for students to get around without a car. 

According to AAA Newsroom, the average cost to own and operate a car is $8,698 a year. 

Kendra Jensen, Dixie State University Student Association vice president of academics said, “The university has worked out deals with several different transportation avenues in St George.”

St. George Shuttle is a sponsor for DSUSA and they offer a 30 percent discount for students, Jensen said. SunTran is free for students with their DSU ID cards.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car also has deals for students on campus, Jensen said.

According to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car website, it is $1.00 to join the student car sharing program. DSU students fill out an application, after which the first year annual membership is waived and rental rates range from $8.00 to $110.00 for the car which includes 200 miles per day.

“Enterprise car sharing only charges $2.00 for insurance,” said Isaac Montes, a sophomore criminal justice major from Moreno Valley, California said, “I think it would be much better to have a car if you can afford it.” 

Montes uses the Enterprise (Rent-A-Car) car share program when he needs to go grocery shopping. 

Oprila Pedro, a freshman general education major from St George, said, “I live at home with my parents but to get around, I just walk around to the nearest place I need to go.”

Pedro uses walking to get her exercise.

“I think it saves me a lot of money yearly by not owning a car as a student,” Pedro said. “I am paying for my education myself by working two jobs.”

It is not as important to have a car due to living in such a small town, Pedro said. 

“I am planning on buying a car once I graduate and feel like there is a reason for a car,” Pedro said.

Isaac Montes, a sophomore criminal justice major from Moreno Valley, California said, “I usually take the bus since its free with my Dixie ID card or [I] use Enterprise car share.”

“I also walk,” Montes said. “Since Target is close, I go there. On campus, I use my [skate] board to get around.”

Montes said gas and insurance is expensive and not easily obtained as a student. 

“DSU allows [skate] boarding on campus so the students should utilize that opportunity,” Jensen said.

Montes is planning on using a car his parents are giving him when he returns to DSU in the fall.