Locals Only: Explore Warner Valley to find dinosaur tracks, fort

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Video by Spencer Ricks

Directions to Warner Valley from Dixie State University (15 minutes): 

-Head east on E 100 S from DSU.

-Turn right onto River Road. Follow this road for 1.5 miles.

-Turn left onto 1450 S Street Follow this road for 1.9 miles.

-Turn right onto S 3000 E and follow it for 0.2 miles.

-Turn left onto E 1580 S. Follow this road for 1.2 miles.

-Turn right onto S Washington Fields Road. Follow this road for 1.7 miles.

-Turn left onto E Warner Valley Road. This is a dirt road, but most two-wheel cars will be able to drive on it.

To Fort Pearce and pioneer graffiti/ petroglyphs  

-Follow E Warner Valley Road for 5.6 miles. 

-After a sign that reads “Fort Pearce,” turn right. 

-Park in the parking lot and climb the hill to the fort.

-Follow the trail that starts perpendicular to the parking lot for 50 yards to the cliffs where you can see the pioneer graffiti and petroglyphs.

To dinosaur tracks

-Follow E Warner Valley Road for 2.5 miles past Fort Pearce. 

-After a sign that reads “Dinosaur tracks,” turn left. 

-Park in the parking lot and follow the trail down the hill to the dinosaur tracks.

Locals Only is a series by the Dixie Sun News exploring unique places around DSU.

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