Volleyball courts around campus provide different pleasures for DSU students

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By Lauryn Perkins 

Dixie State University offers several on-campus locations where students can participate in sand and or indoor volleyball.

The sport first originated in the United States in 1895 and achieved Olympic status in 1957.  The first games of volleyball to be played in the sand started with families playing each other on the beach in 1920. 

At DSU, some members of the student body spend their free time playing in the sand volleyball courts outside of the Campus View Suites and across the street from the Vintage at Canyonlands apartment complex.  

If you walk past one of these two areas, you can see upwards of twenty students playing the game almost every day.  

However, these two sand courts aren’t the only places that students can participate in playing volleyball.

If sand volleyball isn’t your thing, the Student Activities Center on campus has a hard-indoor court that anyone can play on as well.  

“Where I prefer to play depends on the day,” Jennifer Marsh, a senior english major from Salt Lake City said.  “Sometimes I like the hard court and other times I like the sand.  Sometimes it depends on where my friends want to play.”

As with Marsh, there are some who really don’t have a preference between one court or the other, making their decisions on what they want to do on a day by day basis. Regardless of where you prefer to play your game, students can be seen playing in the late afternoon all the way until 10 or 11 p.m. when noise ordinances go into effect at the student housing complexes. 

Riley Moore, a freshman communications major from Pahrump, Nevada, prefers the sand courts.  

“I definitely prefer the sand courts to the hardwood,” she said.  “It hurts way less when I fall, and I can enjoy playing rather than having to worry about an injury all the time.” 

Moore lives in the on campus housing and enjoys the benefits of the provided volleyball courts outside of the school housing properties. She said that she prefers playing at the courts across from Vintage at Canyonlands more than the ones closer to her because the sand has more of a beachy feel to it compared to the newer ones just outside of Campus View Suites. 
Although some students play the game for entertainment, others play because it reminds them of fun times with their families. 

“I played a lot at family reunions, and so it’s just a thing that reminds me a lot of those fun times,” said Megan Reeves, a sophomore business administration major from St. George, Utah.  “I play sand volleyball usually once or twice a week with my friends.”

Whether you sit and watch or play at the sand or indoor court, volleyball at DSU can be a sociable time. If you or your friends are looking to get involved with some volleyball just head to the SAC every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7 to catch some other players. Otherwise head to the two sand volleyball court locations here on campus, they are available for anyone to use daily.