Craving St. George: George’s Corner has old time feel, fresh atmosphere

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George’s Corner Restaurant has a history in St. George and much of the city’s own history is displayed within the restaurant’s walls.

Nestled on the corner of Main Street and St. George Boulevard, George’s Corner began as a restaurant called the Big Hand Café owned and operated by George Pace during the 1930s and ‘40s.

According to the history page on the website for George’s Corner Restaurant, the Big Hand Café became an icon in St. George and was a place for tourists and travelers to stop as they traveled through southern Utah.

Those who remember the older restaurant may recall the sign, which was a big hand outlined with blinking lights and read “Especially good food.” That is a promise the newer restaurant also stands by.

 “George’s Corner [was] built in honor of George Pace,” said manager Chevi Stowe. “His great-great grand-daughter Nicole Pace owns George’s Corner, and she wanted to create something that was in his memory and his honor, that would serve especially good food like he believed in.”

George’s Corner  is open from 7 a.m. to midnight, and because of that I wanted to try one of their breakfast meals. As I perused the menu, the short rib hash stood out to me. When it was served to me, I found it was exactly as my waitress had described.

It came with hash browns surrounding shredded short ribs, topped with two eggs cooked over easy as I had requested. I was surprised the meal filled the plate entirely save for the rim. It was especially delicious and so filling I could only eat half.

I took note of the atmosphere as I enjoyed my meal and noticed the walls festooned with old pictures of St. George, shelves with old pitchers and signs from the era when the Big Hand Café stood on the very corner George’s Corner is now on.

The whole restaurant has a vintage ‘40s feel with its wooden beams and vaulted wooden ceiling. Not quite barn like, but how one might think an old pub and eatery might have looked in those days. It gives the restaurant a relaxed feel where you can bring your friends or family and just spend time together.

“The atmosphere of George’s is fun,” said server Sierra Allen. “When you first walk in, it’s family friendly, but then also you come downstairs and there’s a bar area; you can get drinks — we have a full bar — where you can have a fun atmosphere.”

Allen said on Friday and Saturday there is live music, which helps to create the fun, lively atmosphere for families, tourists and anyone else who comes to the restaurant.

I visited George’s Corner a second time to try one of their desserts, again choosing something I had never tried before. I was not disappointed at all when a white chocolate banana nut bread pudding was placed before me, drizzled with caramel, whipped cream on top and garnished with a single mint leaf. I couldn’t taste the white chocolate, but I am positive it was that ingredient that made the dessert moist enough I could eat it with a spoon.

Bar manager Kit Cassidy said, “We do most everything from scratch, so it’s easy to be proud of the product we put forward.”

The price of food is affordable and not extravagant, depending on what is ordered. My short rib hash cost $9, which is not bad for breakfast, and my delectable dessert only cost about $5. If you want to order the ribeye steak, be prepared to pay $21, though there are items on the dinner menu that cost less than $10.

George’s Corner lives up to its long-standing promise of especially good food and to that promise, they can add fun, friendly environment. George Pace’s legacy is most certainly in good hands, and if you’re looking for a good place to bring your family and friends, or just want to gander at St. George’s history from the days of the pioneers to the present, then George’s Corner Restaurant is a place you’ll want to visit time and time again.