Fall fashion is back at DSU

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Morning temperatures are dropping below 45 degrees, and it feels appropriate to throw on a hoodie with a pair of jeans before leaving for school, but more fashionable options this fall will keep you warm and turn some heads.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Glamour a few popular trends for women this Fall are animal print, colorful plaid, dark denim, magenta and corduroy.

GQ has the following style ideas for men: a distinctive sport jacket­­, denim layers, bold prints and a goto chino. Trendspotter’s website included ’70s style, athletic accents, militaryinfluenced jackets and vintage checks

This makes one wonder if there is such a thing as animal print hoodies. Plus, there is the added temptation to wear leopard print everything.

“Maybe one clothing item in leopard print, like maybe just your pants or a shirt,” said Rozlyn Melluish, a freshman general education major from Sacramento, California. “Not the shirt and the pants because that’s too much, so make sure it balances each other out. Maybe with a black pair of pants and a leopard print top.”

Hannah Roselle, a freshman exercise science major from Omaha, Nebraska, said dressing well is important to her because it makes her feel more productive than if she were in sweat pants. She said sweats make her feel like staying home and lying in bed.

“I’m so excited about boots, like [Timberland’s],” Roselle said. “I’m so excited to wear those. I just ordered this faux fur jacket from Zaful for $25. I’m excited about that.”

Baylee Stephens, a junior dental hygiene major from Riverton said sweaters, leggings and boots come to mind when thinking of what to wear for Fall. She said she has seen a lot of ’70s, ’80s and ’90s clothing making a comeback, such as high waisted jeans and overalls.

Clothes from Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s are outside the average college student’s budget since the price range for Levi’s is between $50-$60 and a blazer from Burberry is $1,400. Shopping online is a good alternative to buying designer clothes or going to outlets for discounted attire.

“It’s way cheaper online,” Roselle said. “I go to Fashion Nova and Zaful. Fashion Nova has everything. For jeans it’s $30, where at Pac Sun it’s $52.”

Melluish said she would like to make dresses a fall fashion, so she will wear a knit dress with tights and a denim jacket or wear a long sleeve shirt under a dress and layer that with a jacket, leggings and long socks.

Something comfortable and warm is important during the colder months, Stephens said. She will wear oversized sweaters and leggings to beat the cooler temperatures without sacrificing comfort.

“I have to remind myself to always dress for the weather,” Stephens said.

When dressing for the weather, putting on a sweatshirt or hoodie would be the quickest and easiest way to be warm in lower temperatures, though there is a social aspect to college Roselle said and making a good first impression is important.

Go out and find that pair of plaid boots, the military bomber jacket or cable knit sweater that looks great with a pair of jeans, because fall fashion doesn’t mean you can’t look good while staying warm.