Possible collaboration between St. George Children’s Museum & DSU

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Children in St. George now have the opportunity to step into Dixie State University’s athletes shoes.

Dixie State University Athletics and Marketing and Communication commission is possibly partnering up with St. George Children’s Museum.

The collaboration is waiting upon contracts that need to be signed and more information to come after the signing, said Riley Brown, development coordinator for the St. George Children’s museum.

The collaboration also includes the Town and Gown project, which was put into place to promote collaborations and branding opportunities with community partners and DSU.

University Marketing & Communication initiated the Town and Gown project, which works to promote St. George as a university town. The project works with the community to make DSU an integral part of St. George for members of the community and visitors.

Town and Gown is part of DSU’s marketing goals, said Jordon Sharp, Vice President of marketing & communication.

Sharp said some examples of the branding opportunities that the Town and Gown project collaborations have worked with DSU on include the Trailblazer Art in the City bison project, which is the colorfully painted buffalo’s placed around town.

The collaborations with the St. George Children’s Museum is also intended to advertise St. George as a university town, Sharp said. 

The collaboration is said to be a direct collaboration with DSU athletics, Sharp said. It will include adding a room in the St. George Children’s Museum specifically dedicated to athletics and the design will be centered around DSU team colors, exercise equipment and even athletes from DSU sports team cut outs to encourage a relationship with the community and DSU athletics, Sharp said. 

Sponsoring the room is also a part of The Town and Gown project. 

More information will be published as it becomes available.