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DSU sees decline in COVID-19 cases on campus

Everyone has experienced COVID-19, and now two years later we are trying to get back to life as ‘normal.’ As of right now COVID-19 numbers are decreasing; however, there are still surges that come up every now and again.  Dixie State University According to Judy Scott, associate professor of nursing, many people are frightened to […]

OPINION | The trans ban will be harmful to college recruiting

Utah is one of the 12 states that has banned transgender girls from playing on teams that align with their gender. Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed the bill earlier this week. Still, since then, that veto has been overturned by the Utah Legislature. Cox said, “I don’t understand what they are going through or why they […]

Dixie State University given $4.2 million in CARES Act funds

The CARES Act is money from the federal government that was disbursed to students as a result of COVID-19. CARES is an acronym for Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. Students across Dixie State University campus received a notification saying a refund was sent to them from the CARES Act through Bankmobile. The CARES […]

OPINION | Olympians using performance-enhancing drugs is cheating

Performance-enhancing drugs should disqualify anyone from the Olympics. 15-year-old Russian figure skater, Kamila Valieva, was caught doping at the 2022 Winter Olympics. She was drug tested on Dec. 25 at the Russian Figure Skating Championships. However, it was not until Feb. 8, eight weeks later during the Beijing Olympic Games, the positive result was reported.  […]