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Recent assaults result in increased patrols and officers on campus

Students are more alert on campus this week as they are still on the lookout for a man who approached three girls on campus. On Aug. 20 and Sept. 17, there were alerts sent out to all students at Utah Tech University informing them of assault cases that happened both on and off campus. Both […]

Celebrate National Preparedness Month by learning ways to be prepared

College can be a nerve-racking time, but learning to do it on your own can be even scarier. This month is National Preparedness Month where the public is focused on learning and developing ways to prepare themselves for unfavorable circumstances, whether that may be an assault, natural disaster or financial crisis.  At Utah Tech University, […]

Utah Tech’s recipe for success includes being involved

Do you like learning new languages? How about screaming your head off while cheering on your peers at games? What about dancing the night away with friends? Utah Tech University offers many opportunities for its students to get involved and meet new people while doing these things. Getting involved at school has endless benefits, but […]

OPINION | Cover songs march to the beat of their own drum

I’m not even “Sorry” when I say I could “Keep Driving” down the highway with my “Drivers License” listening to my favorite cover songs because it “Hits Different.” Music has been and always will be a massive part of my life. Having roughly 18 years of dance experience under my belt, I have listened to […]

Staying active, working out benefits student’s mental health

Stress management and working out often fit together as one, especially with college students. Stress and anxiety management is a big thing that affects students. About 42% of college students seek counseling for management in the area of stress, anxiety, depression and more. For many people, being able to focus on one thing every day […]

Top 3 events you might have missed this summer

Good, bad, boring, exciting. Summer for everyone is different. Some people get very involved in all the popular and top events and topics, while others choose to completely disconnect from the world and do their own thing. Media as a whole is a major part of society, and many things happen every second of every […]

OPINION | Dive into Splash Drinks & Treats at Utah Tech

Splash Drinks & Treats is now open, and they are ready to steal away all of the other local soda shops’ customers. The soda trends seem to be kicking it into high gear this summer, and Utah Tech University is lucky enough to have its own soda shop open on campus in the Gardner Student […]