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Goodbye EBSCO, hello ProQuest Central

Elton B. Stephens Company is a collection of nearly 400 databases that a majority of students use in order to find credible information and sources for assignments and papers. Nearly two-thirds of college students use this source every year.  This company has databases that range from e-books to e-journals. In 2018, about 650,000 students in […]

Car Club at Utah Tech aspires to unite community with passion for cars

The roar of engines and the cheers of encouragement from others sound out through the parking lot.  Once a month in the Karl Brooks Field parking lot at Utah Tech University, the Car Cub meets up to show off cars worth millions of dollars. Southern Utah has a reputation for having a car culture. Meg […]

OPINION | Instagram’s political content filter is keeping you out of the know

People are entitled to their own opinions, just as much as they are entitled to being in the know about what is going on in the world around them. The Instagram political filter allows the user to be able to either choose to have more political posts invited onto their feed or to choose to […]

Utah Tech tuition, student fees increased

With a tuition increase set to take place in the fall semester, Utah Tech University continues to maintain its standing as one of the most affordable regional universities in Utah. The university will be increasing tuition by $84 per semester for resident undergrads and adding a $32 student fee making the increase 3.2%. Interim University […]

An inside look at Utah Tech’s audio studio

When watching a movie, most people don’t even notice the quality of the music or sound. Director of Radio Shawn Denevan said, “Audio is an interesting form of entertainment because it’s something that we’re all used to, but it’s not something we pay attention to unless it’s going wrong.” The audio studio at Utah Tech […]

OPINION | Your body, your rules: loving your body the way it is

In the United States, about 80% of women do not like how they look. Around 35% of men are anxious about their weight, and up to 85% are unhappy with their muscularity. This translates to the high number of $13.5 billion spent on aesthetic procedures in 2016. Utah is ranked 5th in the nation for worst body image […]

Neurodiversity fair sparks learning and fun

The Neurodiversity Fair, hosted by the Club of Diverse Minds, was a chance for the community to learn more about people part of this group. The club wanted to raise awareness and give people the opportunity to ask questions, meet people and get access to resources. Neurodiversity is the idea of understanding that everyone sees […]

Tips to help gear up for commencement amidst excitement, preparation

Graduation is coming up fast as students prepare for this hard-earned day May 3. Newly graduated students will need to start to figure out what their plan is for post-graduation, and narrowing down students’ priorities to one thing at a time can help make that process easier. Focusing on graduation itself is a start to […]

Kevin Costner film studio expands film opportunities in St. George

Territory Film Studios, a partnership between Kevin Costner and the president of Development Solutions Group, Inc. in St. George, is anticipating breaking ground for the studio during t-is summer. Costner and the crew involved are in the process of creating a new film studio in southern Utah near the St. George Regional Airport that is […]