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Blazing new trails: Your guide to freshman year at DSU

Entering your freshman year of college can be a truly daunting task. Think about it – you could be moving away from home for the first time, living with complete strangers, having to learn how to navigate around a huge campus as you run from class to class, learning how to balance a larger workload… […]

The Cowleys: Non-traditional students return to DSU to seek education

When you picture college students, you might envision bright-eyed 18-years-olds taking notes in class by day and living their best lives being young, wild and free by night. While that may be true for a small chunk of college students, the reality is that non-traditional students are the unsung heroes of campus — balancing a […]

OPINION | Humble yourself: My generation full of narcissists

It seems that the older I get, the more I’m surrounded by my peers’ endless social media posts and conversations insisting that there are only three people in the world I truly need to care about: me, myself and I. This ideology that the only way I can become a successful person is by trusting […]

Ronald Garner dies, leaves musical genius legacy

Emeritus professor Ronald Garner passed away March 22 of natural causes at 90 years old. Though he has passed on, his legacy still lives at Dixie State University. “He was ‘Mr. Positivity,’” said John Bowler, director of alumni relations. “He was that guy who would tell you ‘you can do anything.’” Garner worked at DSU […]

Hearing vs. listening: 5 tips on how to become a more mindful listener

We’ve all had those friends who pretend they’re listening to you vent your frustrations to them, but are too busy typing away on their phone or thinking about their own busy schedule to acknowledge and fully comprehend what you’re saying. In fact, a study done by the University of Minnesota found that “immediately after the […]

‘Boss women:’ How local ladies are breaking stereotypical gender barriers

“A woman belongs in the kitchen.” “Men are far superior leaders than women in the workplace.” “Women do not belong in STEM programs.” The stereotypical myths about women working to meet their professional goals or furthering their education could go on and on, but the blatant truth is that there are plenty of examples of […]

DSU Career Services team creates checklist for career readiness

Between juggling classes, homework and extracurricular activities, students can often find themselves forgetting one of the reasons why they are sweating over a bachelor’s degree in the first place: To launch their dream career. Some anxious seniors, in their last semester, might even be thinking, “What am I going to do next?” or “I just […]

DSU administration to accommodate enrollment growth

The Dixie State University administration is adding more useful features to campus that will better accommodate students’ needs given the recently increased student enrollment. Parking on campus Darlene Dilley, associate provost for enrollment management, said the DSU administration has plans to expand parking on campus and will do so in order to serve the increased […]

OPINION | Pornography addictions destroy relationships

Imagine walking into your dark bedroom, only to find your partner pining over an explicit video on their computer screen. Or perhaps you happen to see their browsing history is filled with popular pornographic websites like Pornhub. Whatever the case may be, nothing can trigger instant feelings of betrayal or emotional pain more than realizing […]