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https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
We asked students what booths they checked out at Club Rush. Club members said the decorations attracted more people to their booth. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
Sun News staff members share their favorite things about being on staff and what they are most excited for this semester. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked students on campus where their clothes are from and where they like to shop. Laura White | Sun News Daily
We followed ambassadors for a day to see what it takes be an ambassador at Utah Tech. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked students what their favorite fall treats are and then we made them. Laura White | Sun News Daily
The mindfulness through meditation and exploration club has over 200 members the same semester it was created, we wanted to know why. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked Utah Tech students what their advice and goals are for this school year. Laura White | Sun News Daily
Jyl Hall, director of public relations explains what inspired the new logo and easter eggs that can be found in it. We then asked students what they think about the new logo. Sun News Daily | Kelsa Lundstedt and Carlie Gillis
The semester is almost over and this is the end of many freshmen's first year of college. We asked freshmen how their first year was at DSU. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked dancers what their concert meant to them. The students and instructors showcased a concert that is collaborative with the audience. Sam Stokes | Sun News Daily
We asked students what their favorite class is they have taken at DSU. Isabella Perrello | Sun News Daily
If you're a student wondering about student discounts around St. George, here are a variety of discounts around town. Kelsa Lundstedt and Frankie Medina | Sun News Daily
Do you think you have what it takes to be Brooks the Bison? Dixie State University is looking for a new Mascot, here is everything you need to know on what it takes to be Brooks. Sam Stokes | Sun News Daily
Diversity week is a great opportunity to learn about our peers' cultures and how they grew up. We attended the events and heard from the people who put them together. Kelsa Lundstedt, Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily
The vigil brought awareness to the Ukraine and Russia conflict, and was also a fundraiser to raise money for Doctors without Borders. A total of $320 was raised at the event on March 30. Madisyn Dwiggins, Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily
Dixie State University’s casino night had many celebrating wins and laughter. Students enjoyed the event because they were able to test their luck and meet new people. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
There is a common misconception that cooking on your own takes too much time and it is not budget friendly. In this video you will learn how to prepare meals that will not break your bank. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily
Most students listen to music while walking around campus. We asked students what they were listening to at that moment and found new songs to add to our playlists. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
Each year there is an increase in number of international students at Dixie State University. We asked why international students prefer DSU over other universities, as well as what goals the international student services are planning in the future. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily
Here are the best places to study on Dixie State University's campus. Reagan Morse | Sun News Daily
Dixie State University's tagline, "active learning. active life." means more than students realize. DSU offers many resources to live an active life but it's only a matter of students using the resources. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked DSU students and professors if they would prefer fewer students or a large number of students in their classes. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
I followed DSU student Ali Stum, a junior dental hygiene major from St. George, around for a day to see how she stays motivated. Here are tips on how you can stay motivated as well. Isabella Perrello | Sun News Daily
An art exhibit honoring Glen Blakley is happening at the St. George Art Museum until April 30. Stockton Myers | Sun News Daily
Here are your 2022-2023 Utah Tech University student body candidates for student body president, VP of clubs and organizations and VP of academics. Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily
Students are afraid if they get COVID-19 their semester is ruined. I spoke with an academic officer about putting and end to this fear. Stockton Myers | Sun News Daily
DSU's Retro Prom, held on Feb. 11, was a successful event where students were invited to enjoy a throwback dance and have a great night. Isabella Perrello | Sun News Daily
Nine contestants competed for the title of Mr. Dixie 2022 on Feb. 9. Jose Toral was crowned at the end of the night and, as a bonus, got a date to Retro Prom. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We went out and found a few of the best winter activities in St. George. Video by Kelsa Lundstedt.
We showed you five easy activities you could do with friends or your significant other for Valentine's day. Video by Madisyn Dwiggins.
We talked to the director of dining services and other students to hear their thoughts on the meal options available on campus. Video by Sam Stokes.
Over 70 COVID-19 cases have been reported on DSU campus in the past week. However, the number might actually be even larger than we think. Video by Stockton Myers.
Every student approaches the start of a new semester differently. We asked DSU students how they prepare and get in the school mode for a new semester. Video by Carli Gumm.
Many trends came out of 2021, we asked students their thoughts on the trends. We also explored what the biggest trend of 2021 was. Video by Kelsa Lundstedt.
Clubs can enhance the college experience you are looking for. We asked students and club members how clubs are beneficial to students. Video by Kelsa Lundstedt.
Reporter Nasya Mancini interacts with students on-campus to see social media is affecting them.
COVID-19 protocols are still in place on-campus. Check out a first-person look into quarantining.
Deciding how to manage your finances can be a challenge. Listen to what Dixie State University students have to say about getting a credit card to decide if it's right for you.
Faculty and students at Dixie State University share study habit tips for an easier transition into college.
Whether it's golf, reading or playing with Legos, here's what a few Dixie State University faculty do with their spare time.
Looking for good prank ideas for April Fools' Day? Here are a few harmless, easy pranks to try out.
. Starting college can be hard especially if you've never had to share a living space with someone else before. On-campus residents comment on their past roommate experiences and ways to overcome potential roommate issues.
With the Utah's mask mandate being lifted April 10, students express their hope for the campus mask mandate to be lifted in the near future while still continuing to be as cautious as we can.
Some states have lifted their mask mandates, and almost all of DSU's sports programs were able to compete in an official season this semester. Sarah Richardson asks students on campus how they're feeling about it all.
Due to the pandemic student life has changed. Activities and events have been canceled and students are having a hard time meeting new people. Take a look at how students are really feeling throughout this semester.
Emotional Support animals allow people a companion as an effort to combat depression, anxiety, loneliness or disconnection.
Dixie State University faculty give advice to students on how to stay on top of their studies. The Academic Performance center was highly recommended to students.
Check out these three hikes in the local area for anyone to try!
The Women's Resource Center and the Utah Women in Higher Education Network focus on uplifting and educating women in Southern Utah.
It's no question that St. George is the ideal spring break destination, but here are a few ideas for the break that you may not have tried yet.
Google Docs or Microsoft Word? Hear about what writing program students prefer.
The Outdoor Recreation Center offers all kinds of resources and guidance for DSU students looking to get outdoors.