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The Human Performance Center is a great resource for all students to strengthen their minds and bodies. However, the machines can be intimidating at first. Utah Tech Students are here to show you how to use some of the most popular HPC workout machines. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
The end of a spring semester brings the beginning of summer. These are a couple things that Utah Tech students are excited for this summer. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
Have you ever wondered about being a nurse? Here’s a day in the life of a nursing major at Utah Tech. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
Students and community come together to compete in, The Great Race, Utah Tech’s largest relay race. Find out more about this event and who took home first place this year. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
Soaring around campus with the Kite Festival. What’s going on and who’s here? Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
Getting a bit technical with the differences between our engineering programs at Utah Tech. How many do we have? What are they? Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
Department chairs do a lot of for the university and sometimes don't get the credit they deserve. So what's a day of a department chair like? Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
Utah Tech University celebrates the start of spring by hosting one of southern Utah’s largest egg hunts at the Spring Festival. This festival was open to all community members and allowed the university to connect to the community. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
Blazer Beat is the student-led Sports channel for Sun News Daily. Students now have the chance to get a glimpse of what broadcasting as a profession entails and gives them the opportunity to put their foot in the door and see what this would look like. Cora Mark | Sun News Daily
Find out more about our 2024-2025 student body leadership and what their plans are for the upcoming school year. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
Learning a new language can be difficult if not exposed to it often. American Sign Language is no exception, but ASL Bingo Night is a fun and creative way to learn ASL and getting involved with the community. Joe Avila | Sun News Daily
Getting straight to business with the management majors at Utah Tech. What is management and what do these students within the major learn?
Shining a spot light on the digital film majors at Utah Tech. What do they do and learn in their degree? Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
Its about half way through the semester when students start losing motivation. Here’s a guide to help stay motivated till the end of it. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
Some students may need service hours to graduate. One way to get these hours is through UTSA and their service events such as Campus to Community, which took place March 2. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
Curious about what a criminal justice major does? This case may surprise you. Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
Student election voting has started and the candidates are off to the races. Three candidates are running for student body president. Here’s their initiatives. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
Having two higher education schools near each other with similar names can be confusing. Heres a guide to help distinguish between them. Joe Avila | Sun News Daily
Utah Tech’s music program is vast and offers a variety of opportunities to learn and perform music. We ask students and faculty what it’s like to be a music major. Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
After this year’s Super Bowl, some people were left with a memorable game and commercials. However, which ones do students and faculty remember? Anna Casey | Sun News Daily
An engineer major is known for being a difficult major to study. However, what do you do as an engineering major, and what does Utah Tech offer in its curriculum? Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
The semester gets stressful as midterms get closer. It’s important that students don’t get burnout, so here are some tips. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
Utah Tech students were put to the test on their Valentine's Day knowledge. Joseph Avila goes and asks students Valentine's trivia questions. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
We all know what a peer coach is, but do you know what they do on a day-to-day basis? Madi Andersen | Sun News Daily
Join Lexy Borgogno as she visits The Vagina Project at Utah Tech University. The event discusses topics surrounding gender identity and mental well-being. This year features discussions on Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.” Lexy Borgogno | Sun News Daily
Is being an art major worth it, and how can art be useful? Joseph Avila goes to find those answers. Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily
There are hidden unique jobs offered on campus. Anna Casey found some to share. | Sun News Daily
Students come together to support their fellow transgender family members, friends and peers, after the passing of the transgender bathroom bill, HB257. Madi Andersen | Sun news daily
Many college students come across scams frequently, but there are many things they can do to stay cyber safe. Learn more as Miss Utah Tech University and Cybersecurity Club President talk about how you can stay safe from scams. Madi Anderson | Sun News Daily
Reporter Anna Casey gives tips on how to plan ahead for future semesters.
https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
https://youtu.be/-o0K2wtWUlI https://youtu.be/TpJvcM56CWY
We asked students what booths they checked out at Club Rush. Club members said the decorations attracted more people to their booth. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
Sun News staff members share their favorite things about being on staff and what they are most excited for this semester. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked students on campus where their clothes are from and where they like to shop. Laura White | Sun News Daily
We followed ambassadors for a day to see what it takes be an ambassador at Utah Tech. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily
We asked students what their favorite fall treats are and then we made them. Laura White | Sun News Daily
The mindfulness through meditation and exploration club has over 200 members the same semester it was created, we wanted to know why. Kelsa Lundstedt | Sun News Daily