Utah’s Higher Education Presidents Offered Raises

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Several of Utah’s presidents have declined to accept raises that were unanimously approved by the Utah Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents voted in favor of giving raises to eight of Utah’s college and university presidents. The raises totaling $100,000 were spilt among the presidents. Many of the presidents declined to accept the raise, perhaps in realization that it could be politically unwise for them to accept such a large raise during the tough economic times. 

Officials say Utah’s educational presidents salaries are as much as 20-30 percent less than national averages. 

Dixie State College’s President Stephen Nadauld accepted the raise of nearly $20,000. 

“President Nadauld came on as interim president in March of 2008. When the Utah State Board of Regents voted to lift the interim tag off of his title in January of 2010, USHE offered him a raise and at that time, President Nadauld declined the offer,” said Steve Johnson, Director of Public Relations at Dixie State College. “Since his arrival at DSC, President Nadauld has generously donated to the DSC scholarship fund, a practice that he will continue with increased financial support to that fund in light of Regent approval of Utah higher-education presidential raises.”

Many of the other presidents around the state said thanks, but no thanks to the regents, declining to accept their offers. 

Presidents of the University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University, Utah Valley University, and Snow College, have all declined to accept the full amounts, if any amount at all. Several deciding to donate their raise towards scholarship funds at their institutions. 

Snow College President Scott Wyatt, in an open letter to faculty and staff, said “I assume you are all aware, or will become aware, of the increase, and I want to make sure you know I will not be accepting the raise,” Wyatt said. “I further informed them that I will not accept any increase in pay until after the faculty and staff at Snow College are given one.”