Utah-based Company Seeks to Help Dixie Care and Share

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In the thick of an economic downturn, many southern Utah businesses continue to struggle to survive. One business in particular, Dixie Care and Share, may be closing its doors due to continued costs and too little money to maintain them. Utah-based internet business Infowest has a plan to hopefully ease the money pains in Dixie Care and Share’s pocket.

A press release from Infowest states,  “Dixie Care and Share has been in the news recently regarding the continued strain they are feeling in helping feed and help our fellow community members.  We like many of you want to help but sometimes don’t know how so we have come up with a simple idea.”

Their idea is to donate $1.00 for every ‘like’ their fan page gets on Facebook. “We have
decided that for every “Like” we get above 500 during the next two weeks we will donate to the Dixie Care and Share.”

Dixie Care and Share will be closing their doors if they do not receive enough money to continue supporting the southern Utah community.

So in a nut shell: you click and InfoWest donates! Here is a link to Infowest’s Facebook page.