Book of Mormon Musical Looks For Second Weekend

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This past weekend’s Janice Kapp Perry “The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth” musical was such a success that producers and organizers are working to have a second weekend of showings.

“The missionaries stopped counting [Saturday] night at 800. [Sunday] they stopped at 1,160. Not only were people sitting on every stair in the building, but also on the laps of other people,” event organizer Kathleen Briggs said in an email Sunday.

The show highlights text and story from the religious book, mixing inspirational words with music and testimony. The success and of the show was apparent with the St. George Tabernacle being filled to the point where missionaries had to turn away people trying to come see the show 20 minutes before it started.

“The missionaries want us to do another performance of it. They have asked us to look at doing it again the weekend of November 5 and 6,” Briggs said.

Missionaries and organizers look forward to the possibility of another pair of performances. Admission to the musical fireside is free.