Men’s soccer coach has high expectations for mostly freshman team

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The Dixie State College men’s soccer team has started off its year and is expecting to come out on top at the end.

The DSC soccer team has three returning seniors and 11 freshmen this season, but head coach Danny Ortiz said that could help the team succeed this year.

“I think we’re going to be all right this way,” Ortiz said. “We’ve got really good leadership up top with the guys we do have, and I’m very pleased with the recruiting class that we have coming in. We’re going to be on the young side, but we still have enough juniors and sophomores that are in the program long enough that it shouldn’t bother us.”

The captains of the team this season are junior defender Dave Patoki and senior midfielder Tyler Albretson.

“Tyler has been here for four years, so he pretty much knows how the program works, and he’s invested in it very much,” Ortiz said. “They do a good job on the field and in the locker room, and when I have captains like that there’s a lot less work I have to do making sure the guys have the little things done and the important things done…so that’s always a big help.”

The said he expects the team to do well this season, and if the team stays healthy and strong it will be in the postition to end the season successfully.

Albretson, a senior psychology major from North Ogden, also said he has high expectations for the team.

“I hope it’s better than last season,” Albretson said. “We’ve been off to a good start with the freshmen coming in, and all the new guys seem to be putting in good work.”

Albretson said the team has a lot of talent this year, and he is working to end his soccer career strong with the athletes.

“I just want to go out in my last season and have a good season personally and have a good season with my team,” Albretson said. “As long as we finish well I think that’s good enough for me.” 

Senior forward Francisco Rivero, a criminal justice major from Los Angeles, said there are a few differences this year than last year.

“I honestly feel like everyone came a lot more ready to play and a lot more prepared,” Rivero said. “We’re into the rhythm a lot quicker and we’re just ready to go.” 

The team has the annual Red and White scrimmage Aug. 25, and Albretson said it’s a good way for the community to start to get involved.

“You get to put your jersey on and you get a crowd out,” Albretson said. “It’s more fun that way if you can have a crowd get excited and play under the lights. It’s different than a scrimmage.”

Rivero said the scrimmage is a good way to get ready for the season for both the players and supporters. 

“We get to play and have fun with each other, and we get to put on a good show for the fans and hopefully encourage them to come out more,” Rivero said.

The scrimmage kick off is at 7:30 p.m. at Hansen Stadium.