New coach focuses on strengthening DSC athletes

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There have been many changes at Dixie State College, but a change with the athletic program has the potential to help each individual athlete.

Bryce Patterson, the strength and conditioning coach, is a new face on the field and in the weightroom who isn’t here to coach average. He has goals for each of the athletes to help the athletic program start and finish the year with success.

Soccer player Mckenna Jared, a freshman dental hygiene major from Cedar Hills, said she has high expectations for Patterson.

 “I expect to have him to help us lift and weight train well to help us reach our maximum potential,” Jared said.

Patterson worked at Northwest Missouri State University for two years where he got his master’s degree. While at the university, Patterson worked with all of the athletic teams, but football was a main focus for him. The opportunity gave him the life of being a student along with being an employee for the school. 

Patterson took this job at DSC after applying online, and now his days are filled with all 13 teams at DSC. He has many expectations for this year, but one goal he has is keeping the athletes healthy.

“My title is the strength and conditioning coach,” Patterson said. “I teach them how to stretch themselves with bands and partners. My thing is injury prevention…but I’m mainly working with strength and conditioning.”

Patterson said he works with the teams at games and practices by walking the athletes through warm-up techniques and teaching them to keep away from preventable injuries by taking care of their body and stretching.

Soccer player Kaisa Goodman, a freshman general education major from Springville, said she is excited to work with Patterson this season. 

“I think he’ll be a good coach,” Goodman said. “I’m hoping for it. I want to get pretty strong.”

Patterson isn’t just a coach who works with the athletes—he’s also a full supporter and is there for them every chance he gets. 

“I like to see as many games as I can,” Patterson said. “We don’t just lift weights—we do it to be better out on the field, and I like to see them and how they’re doing.”

Patterson said he loves everything about this job, but he mostly loves being around people.

“It’s just fun being around competitive people who are driven and motivated and want to succeed,” Patterson said. “I like being around the kids who work at getting better and are coachable. I love sports, and I love being around all of the coaches and athletes.”

He is planning on staying at DSC as long as he can, and he is planning on helping the athletes in any way possible.

“For me my main goal is to keep everyone healthy and not have any avoidable injuries,” Patterson said. “I want to do my best in keeping everyone on the field or court, and I just want everyone to be successful and win games and have fun.”