Students WOWed by 2012 carnival

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The Week of Welcome carnival took place on Dixie State College’s own Encampment Mall from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday. People from all ages made it a point to show up. From young families to Dixie students, Everyone seemed to have a pretty great time. 

“I’m just here to hopefully meet some new people,” said freshman Alexis Burgin from Bountiful with a general education major.

While Keaton Wiley, a sophomore with an general education major from Stansbury Park, talked about Girls. “I’m just here to meet good-looking girls.”

Many clubs and groups set up booths around the grounds with things like Twister, photo booths, and even a dunk tank.

In addition to the booths, there was free food

“For a poor college student like me, free food is heavenly,” said Kelsey Farr, a freshman general education major from West Jordan. 

As if the free cotton candy was not enough, there was also inflatable slides set up. 

“The Trampoline is what I am most excited for,” said Alexis Burgin, a freshman general education major from Bountiful, Utah

All around, there was definitely something entertaining for all ages and everyone who went enjoyed themselves.