Poll: Tuition costs not only reason students choose Dixie

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When it comes to choosing a school, potential students have different things they are going for, whether it be for the nightlife or the academic field.

Approximately 115 students were polled around the campus and were asked the big question: why Dixie; what made them choose to join our growing school? 

The results showed that 30 percent of students come because of tuition prices. According to the Dixie State College website, tuition averages at $4,089 per year. 

In comparison to schools around the state for a Utah resident, tuition at Southern Utah University averages $5,576 a year, University of Utah averages $6,015 a year, and Utah State University averages $5,560 a year, just to name a few.

The weather is what determined the school for 29 percent of students.

“I can’t get enough of this weather,” said Rebecca Wright, a freshman general education major from South Jordan. “It’s awesome.” 

Twenty-four percent of students agreed that Dixie State College’s academic programs were worth mentioning.

“It’s not all about the atmosphere of college that I am looking for; I care a lot about what I am going to school for,” said Mikele McGregor, a freshman general education major from Riverton. “From what I know, there are a lot of great things to major in.”

The fun factor was a big part of the decision for 18 percent of the students. 

“I chose Dixie because of the school’s reputation for fun,” said Logan Wongsuwan, a freshman general education major from West Jordan.

A lot of people tend to think of Dixie State College as the “party” school.

“Within the first few days of being here, there was always like something for me to do, from the carnival to the chainsaw guy,” said Hanna Condie, a freshman general education major from West Valley. “I know that I have had fun.”