Foam flies, beats thump at first dance of semester

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Loud music and flashing lights turned the North Instructional Building plaza into Dixie State College’s own dance club with a twist: lots and lots of foam.

For returning students, this year topped past years. And for the new students it was a great introduction to DSC and the events to come in their years of school. Between the music, the lights, the atmosphere, and of course the foam, this year’s dance provided a great environment for students to let loose, have fun and meet new people.

A lot of hype surrounded the foam dance this year with DJ Marcus Wing as the entertainer for the event. Students screamed, jumped and fist pumped along with the music. Emily Perkins, a freshman general education major from Hurricane, said the music made it better than last year.

“It’s a great welcome to Dixie and shows new students Dixie can be a fun school,” Perkins said.

Wing definitely knew how to keep the students interested and excited throughout the dance with lots of lighting effects that splashed across the audience. He also tossed out glow sticks that turned the crowd of students into a wave of multicolor light that moved with the beat.

The music played was all current and included pop and hip-hop singers like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj. Wing also played a wide variety of dubstep and dubstep remixes of popular songs as well, which satisfied a wide array of musical tastes.

For many students this was the first time they had been to an event like this. Madison Frasier, a freshman education major from Kaysville, said she didn’t know what to expect coming into the dance.

“I didn’t expect the foam to be on the ground like that,” Frasier said, “but it was fun to play in the foam.”

As with any campus event, the foam dance was also a great place for students to mingle and make new friends. James Williams, a freshman biology major from Salt Lake City, said he enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the dance.

“I’m really excited everyone is dancing and not being shy,” Williams said.

Whether it was the music, the dancing, or the mess of foam, it seemed students were thoroughly pleased with how this year’s foam dance went down and look forward to the continuing events  as they attend Dixie State College.