Club Rush going strong despite weather-related delay

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Inclement weather pulled Club Rush from its usual W.O.W. time slot, but clubs from every corner of campus are excited to be out sweating and recruiting to get students involved this year.

Dixie State College club representatives set up booths and tables along the Diagonal in hopes of enticing students to join.

“Involvement is always a good thing on campus, and Club Rush is a pretty darn good successful way to get people to sign up for things and be involved on campus,” said Dominick Kiefer, a sophomore English major from Mt. Pleasant.

Club Rush is not only a great publicity tool for clubs on campus, but it is also an easy way for students to get an idea of what is offered on campus.

“For us, it’s more to get publicity and our name out,” said Orchestra Club president Katelyn Wall, a senior music major from Centerville. “So many people go, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know we had an orchestra,’ so that’s really helpful for us.”

Other students in attendance weighed in on why they considered Club Rush to be an integral part of the DSC experience.

“I think it gives students an opportunity to get involved in things that they are interested in and share interests with people from thousands of miles away that they never would have known before,” said Kaylee Litson, a senior psychology major from St. George.

One student suggested that, without Club Rush, clubs on campus might not be as popular as they are.

“Club Rush gives freshmen and even seniors the opportunity to see all the clubs we have here at Dixie and what they want to be involved in,” said Marlee Gubler, a freshman business major from London, Canada. “If we didn’t have Club Rush, they probably wouldn’t even know what clubs we have or where to sign up or what they do as organizations, so it’s a great way to get involved and learn about all of it.”

So whether you’re looking for friends, sparking an interest or you just want handfuls of free candy and swag, stop by the Diagonal for Club Rush Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to see what’s happening on campus this year.