DOCUTAH to hold opening night on DSC campus

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With an increase submission level of film entries, this year’s DOCUTAH looks to bring a little something for everyone.

“If asked to pick my favorite film, I couldn’t do it,” said Christina Schultz, DSC vice president of institutional advancement and DOCUTAH executive director. “It is like comparing apples to oranges. There are so many diverse topics represented. Some films are thought-provoking, some are entertaining and others enlightening. I am confident that our audiences will also find favorites in each category.”

The festival will kick off Wednesday night at Dixie State College Encampment Mall with a student and community-focused event beginning at 7:45 p.m. The event will include an outdoor dance performance before the screening of the first documentary film, “Hip Hop Maestro.” After the film will be a presentation by students of the Dixie Storm Radio and an outdoor Zumba dance party.

Following opening night, the next four days of the festival will feature event screenings and highlight artists, athletes, musicians, humanitarians and social issues. 

Also, following many of the film premieres, viewers will have the opportunity to participate in question-and-answer sessions with movie producers, directors, field experts and academicians.

“Pieces of the Soul,” a film about local artist Matt Clark, will be shown Thursday night, and his art will be on display in the Eccles Fine Arts Center until Sunday. 

The films “Awaken the Dragon” and “Running Through” will be shown on Friday and will feature athletes who have overcome extraordinary odds to achieve success and happiness. Also that night will be the screening of “The Girls in the Band,” which tell the untold stories of female jazz and big band instrumentalists and their journeys from the late ’30s to the present day. 

Canyon Media will host a recycling carnival in the parking lot of the Eccles building on Saturday to go along with the eco-friendly films that will be showing.

The festival will come to a close Sunday after featuring historical event films. A celebration of the filmmakers and the Raven Awards ceremony will be held at 7 p.m. at the Megaplex Red Cliffs Cinema Theaters.

Unlike previous years with multiple showings of the films, this year the majority of films are shown only once, artistic director Phil Tuckett said. 

“It’s really more important this year to look at the schedule and circle the films you want to attend because it might be the only screening that the film gets during the whole festival,” Tuckett said.

This is because the festival goes on for fewer days and more selections were made as to what films to show, Tuckett said.

The majority of the films will be screened at the Eccles Main Stage Theater and the Megaplex Red Cliffs Cinema Theaters with special film screenings at other locations around town. Tickets can be purchased at the screening venues or at the Dixie State College Ticket Office. The cost is $5 for a day pass or $20 for an all event pass. Students get in free with their student ID.

For more information and to check out film clips, screening times or location, visit www.docutah.com or pick up a DOCUTAH magazine on campus or in the Jennings Communication building.