Lawn Darts’ latest album impresses

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We all have different genres of music we listen to, but listening to something completely out of your preferred music genre can surprise you — it surprised me.

The Lawn Darts are a local band that plays good old time rock and has a sound similar to the Eagles, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger and Lynyrd Skynyrd

The best thing about this band is all the songs on their album,“Still Hitting the Mark,” don’t sound the same. Each song has its own unique sound and kept me captivated as to what would play next. The album starts with lively, upbeat songs and then changes to a slower and quieter mood.

All the songs are original. The album has a mix of guitar and bass solos as well as an all-instrument title track that kept me in suspense. I kept waiting for the singer to begin, but it was only instruments. Nevertheless, it was mesmerizing and powerful.

The lyrics in the other songs are catchy and blend well with the music, which makes this album perfect for any occasion.

I was listening in the car coming back from a trip to Salt Lake City, and I couldn’t help tapping and humming along to the beat. It’s enchanting. The lyrics are easy to understand and they have good messages such as loving others, making it through the changes in life, and giving life your very best.

One of the messages I liked is from the song “To Protect and Serve, ” which is about how life can change in an instant. Thankfully we have people like policeman to protect and serve the community.

Another message that stood out comes from the song ”Holiday.” It’s about how every day of being with people you love is a holiday. How moving is that?

The lyrics are clean with no swearing or suggestive material.This is what created the relaxing, uplifting and positive mood as I listened to this album. 

While all the songs were good to listen to, my favorite was “The Prayers I Say.” The lyrics are uplifting and are about seeing the very best in people, no matter how small it might be. The way the music and lyrics blend together gave me goose bumps.

One of the slow songs that caught my attention was “All Good Songs.” It was so picturesque that I could visualize what was happening in the song.

However, because a CD cannot be completely perfect, I did come to realize that although the lyrics are catchy, they also tend to repeat themselves a lot. Also, some of the bass or guitar solos can get a bit long and seem to shriek and screech, which can detract from the overall feeling of peace and relaxation.

When listening to most albums, there is always that one song you don’t like. For me, that song would be  “Stand On Higher Ground.” Although it has a good message, it sounded too country, which didn’t fit with the rest of the album.

I recommend everyone buy this album or at least check it out. It may not be the genre of music you listen to, but you might be surprised at how much you’ll like it.