Athlete of the Month: Jensen takes leadership to next level

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Who knew a Danish pastry could be used as a hilarious prop? Brita Jensen did.

While on a trip in Hawaii, the volleyball players had lunch packs with Danishes in them, and no one wanted them. So Brita went around with a Danish and playfully smacked a teammate in the face saying, “You just got Danish-slapped!”

That was just one of the many silly pranks she has done.

“Everyone loves hanging out around Brita because she’s super funny,” said libero Alex Anderson, a sophomore biology major from Prescott, Ariz. “She really is the life of the party.”

Jensen makes everyone feel included and important.

“She has one of the best personalities I know,” said libero Brittany Kelly, a junior integrated studies major from Calhan, Colo.

Plus, she keeps everyone laughing with her witty remarks.

“Brita’s a goofball,” said setter Kimee Clegg, a senior business major from St. George. “She’s always joking around and having fun with the team, but when it comes to game time she flips a 180 and is super serious and ready to play.”

On the court her extensive volleyball knowledge shines outward. She is a strong and constant athlete who is able to play multiple positions and can always be counted on to step up when needed.

“She goes hard all the time,” Clegg said. “She only has one speed: She goes hard. She’s a great leader. She helps everybody out. She’s very positive, and you know you can always trust her.”

That positive attitude is key to how she always brings the team together and gets the players excited for the next play or the next game. She leads by example and gives advice after games that her teammates appreciate.

“She’s a good leader on and off the court,” said outside hitter Shannon Young, a junior communication major from Whittier, Calif. “She doesn’t care what people think. She’s her all the time.”

Off the courts, she is married and a proud owner of a new puppy named Tink. They often go on hikes together. She likes to be active and participates in intramural soccer and lifting weights.

Whether she is on the court winning, break dancing at practice, or scaring people out of their seats, Jensen is a worthy selection of Athlete of the Month.