Seniors savor last home game of football season

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The football team is gearing up for its last home game of the season as it strives to bring in another win for the home crowd.

Dixie State College faces Azusa Pacific University on Nov. 3 to defend another win against the Cougars

“We beat them down there at their place, and we played really well,” defensive coordinator Cole Wilson said. “It ended up that we were behind almost the whole game, and we came back at the last few minutes and got a fumble for a touchdown that took us ahead. It was a really good comeback win for us.”

Head coach Scott Brumfield said the team has to be more consistent. He said it has to move the ball more offensively and improve its tackling and basic skills.

“As a whole, we just need to come out and not play the first quarter flat,” said senior quarterback Griff Robles, a business major from Spanish Fork. “We need to not be afraid to make mistakes. One thing that hurt us last game was at times we were catching and worrying about getting beat when we need to be more aggressive and take advantage of the mistakes other teams are making.”

Although the team has had some letdowns, coaches said the wins have been great, and they feel good about the team’s place in the program.

Wilson said they are building this program into a dominant powerhouse year in and year out.

“We’re getting there,” Wilson said. “We’re close, it’s just a matter of if we are taking care of things in practice (and) understanding what it is we are doing and then putting it out there on the field on Saturday.”

Wilson said they have had a few really long road trips that drained the team. He said it’s a matter of getting refreshed and getting back into things, and he has always said, “play hard, play fast and get after it.”

The seniors are trying to savor the moment as they realize this will be the last home game they play of collegiate football.

 “I am just going to give it my all,” said senior lineman Kris Williams, an integrated studies major from Hazlehurst, Miss.  “I have just been trying to go as hard as I can go just to give my team all I have for these last few games.

He said a career after college is not promised, so he is going to do his best and make the most of it.

“I will probably shed a few tears just knowing that it is my last game to play for my senior year,” Williams said. “It seemed like just yesterday I was a senior in high school; now I am a senior in college.”

For these men, it wasn’t only the game, but also the atmosphere of football.

“It’s tough,” said senior defensive back Ray Chapman, a criminal justice major from Compton, Calif. “I love playing for Dixie. I love the coaches, players, the atmosphere, fans and the parents. They show a lot of support, so it’s going to be tough knowing that it is my last game.”

The team this year has made accomplishments and set a higher bar for the players next year.

Brumfield said they have improved from last year. The Red Storm have won three games in their conference, which has never happened before since Dixie joined Division 2.

“I am happy with our guys and the progress they have made,” Brumfield said. “We just have to finish out strong these last games.”