PinkDot organizers look forward to next year’s event

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Pink is not only the color of breast cancer awareness, but it also represents love and acceptance here in St. George.

More than 100 people took part in the events at Saturday’s PinkDot event at Vernon Worthen park.

The event included three speakers discussing the challenges facing youth as well as the importance of community acceptance. The main activity was the crowd gathering to form a pink dot symbolizing the acceptance and love that the event was all about.

Valerie Larabee, executive director of the Utah Pride Center, said in her address that she felt people were finally communicating about acceptance.

“I’m clear that today this community has had those difficult conversations and is continuing to have those conversations,” Larabee said.

Men, women, children and, yes, even pets donned every pink article of clothing they could, and Larabee said she was glad to see so many children in attendance.

“The young children depend on the environment that they are raised in to build their virtues around acceptance and love,” Larabee said.

Another speaker at the event, Christina Schultz, vice president of institutional advancement and DOCUTAH executive director, said she was glad to see all of the community members in attendance.

“It has been proven that when community members unite and come together, much can be achieved,” Schultz said.

Larabee said that PinkDot Utah and the Support Love Courage Council definitely plan on returning next year.