Annual Fall Dance Concert set for Nov. 30, Dec. 1

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It might not be with the stars, but Dixie State College students are dancing anyway.

The Dixie State Dance Company, made up of 12 students, will showcase its skills in the Fall Dance Concert, held at the Eccles Mainstage Theatre on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

Li Lei, the artistic director of the company, described the treat in store for DSC students who attend.

The dancers “worked diligently and cohesively to provide an exciting evening of dance to our audience,” Li said.

The concert will showcase the following types of dance: creative modern, classical and contemporary ballet, lyrical and stylized jazz, cha-cha, western line dance, hip-hop, and classic Viennese waltz, Li said.

According to the Northeastern University, ballet evolved from the courts of Renaissance Italy and was first danced only by men.

According to Dance Lovers, a historical dance website, the cha-cha style of music was created on the Islands of the West Indies, but the dance was created in the 1950’s. 

According to Austria, Arrive and Revive, the Viennese waltz emerged in the latter half of the 1800’s and was very controversial because it was considered a “very erotic” dance. 

Admission will be $2 for students with their student IDs. Youth and senior admission is $10 and general admission is $12.

The 12 students who will be performing are full-time students and work in class for two hours every day and four hours on Saturdays.